Things, Thangs, Thengs

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully July 3, 2006 at 3:52AM

Things, Thangs, Thengs

What a lackluster weekend, though I guess it was self-imposed. I took advantage of the open bar at Friday night's wedding reception, so I'm still feeling kinda bummy. The wedding itself was great. I hope I find a girl as great as Carrie, and I hope the girl who finds me thinks I'm as great as Tim. They're a truly inspiring couple, who make the concept of marriage and lifelong unionship seem like a grand, glorious idea. I forgot my camera, so I didn't take pictures. Shame on me.

Saturday was all about the World Cup. I don't know when it happened (I think during the Spain match), but I'm now on the France bandwagon. I remember actively rooting against them in '98, but for some reason I really like their team. I kinda hope they win it all.

Today was even more underwhelming. I watched a double-feature of FOUL PLAY and MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY to get me in the mood to write my own comedy thriller. I won't go into details, but suffice to say, in my head it's already great. Of course, when it gets transferred into screenplay format it'll be vague and just okay and that's as far as that idea will ever go. At which point I will regroup and embark on another screenplay that will never be made into a film.

Speaking of screenplays that will never be made into a film, I'm rewriting PING-PONG SUMMER from scratch. Trying to breathe new life into it, if only for myself. This thing has been alive for almost fifteen years now, so it's about time I tried another stab at it. It now officially takes place in 1985. 1987 is too late. It has to be before "Walk This Way" and "Yo! MTV Raps" launched hip-hop into the mainstream. LL Cool J's "Radio," Run-DMC's "King of Rock," Schoolly-D's "P.S.K. (What Does it Mean?)," The Boogie Boys' "A Fly Girl," Mantronix's "Mantronix: The Album," and so much more fresh shit came out that year. Also, that was the year of USA For Africa and Live Aid, as well as the multi-platinum selling "Miami Vice: Original Soundtrack." I could keep going, but I won't.

Speaking of PING-PONG SUMMER, if I can capture even .04% of the magic of the following clip, PPS is destined for greatness (thanks to Eric Morgan for the link):

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