By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully January 19, 2006 at 4:39AM


Without question, my "2005 Man of the Year" award goes to Todd Rohal. It's rare that you meet someone who has no agenda, is genuinely caring, and is absolutely hilarious and fun to hang out with. If 2005 was good for one thing, it introduced me to Todd, and for that I am genuinely thankful. I hope we remain friends for many years to come.

It has been incomprehensibly helpful having someone like Todd in my life this past year, for he is just like me: a stressed-out bloke who is trying to finish a film with no money and minimal support, as well as navigating the strange waters of having absolutely no personal life other than email and the (albeit glorious) Netflix queue. Not to mention the amount of knowledge and information he's shared with me. I feel like all I've offered him is complaining. But he hasn't told me to shut up once, and that is yet one more reason why he is 2005's Man of the Year (Ennis Del Mar being a close second, of course).

Fortunately, Todd's film, THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE, is a wonderfully exhilarating and strikingly original work. Even if it sucked I would stand behind it. But the fact that it's really, really good only makes me want to sing its praises even louder. So here I am, multi-tracking and bellowing into the keyboard, imploring those of you lucky enough to be in Park City to GET YOUR ASSES INTO THE THEATRE TO SEE THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE, GODDAMN IT!!! I wish I could be there, but I've got my own festival to prepare for. details for GH screenings are posted here...


Congratulations in advance, Todd. You deserve all the fame, glory, and success that is headed your way. I can't wait to rendezvous in Silver Spring when I get back from Rotterdam so we can laugh at our ridiculously absurd lives...

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