Totally Unrelated Blog-a-Thon: Halloween (aka, The Scariest Song Ever)

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully October 31, 2007 at 1:36AM

Totally Unrelated Blog-a-Thon: Halloween (aka, The Scariest Song Ever)

What better day than to post about a recent musical revelation (thanks to FROWNLAND/YEAST cinematographer Sean Price Williams), or as I like to call it, The Most Frightening Song I've Ever Heard In My Life. The artist is Maskull, and the only information to be found about this mysterious creature is Egg City Radio, where they've posted the entire album. Here's a snippet from that post:

"This might be the single weirdest thing I’ve yet posted on this site. I know next to nothing about Maskull, other than the whacked half-anecdote I was told by an ex-friend who disappeared down the meth hole a handful of years ago, the same bloke who handed off a copy of this record to me: Maskull supposedly is/was living with AIDS, and in his ailing state, committed to tape this album of demented, simpering goth-osity. I can’t verify this story at all, or if Maskull’s actually alive or dead, since there’s absolutely no information available on him anywhere on the Internet, except for one brief editorial review on the CD Baby website that says:

'Troy Maskull’s ghoulish voice and imperceptible melodies are loathsome, detestable and incomprehensible. Perhaps music would be better off if Maskull crawled back under the rock that he came from.'"

In an age where it's almost impossible not to be publicized, the lack of information anywhere online with regards to this guy and this record only adds to the song's murky, dangerous intrigue.

Happy Halloween, everyone. I present to you: "Hollywood Gypsy". You have been warned.