Two... More... Days...

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully June 11, 2008 at 6:35AM

Two... More... Days...

After the screening he said to me, ‘I thought being old-school was a good thing for me. After the Oz screening, I wondered if I was even relevant.’ -- The Man Who Heard Voices (Or, How M. Night Shyamalan Risked His Career on a Fairy Tale) by Michael Bamberger


But seriously, folks, I haven't been this excited for a multiplex release since The New World! Okay, here's the situation:

This Friday, June 13th, at 10:30pm at the AMC Empire 25, join me and many good friends as we celebrate the glory of Avant-Retarde cinema at its most jaw-droppingly, staggeringly, incomprehensibly Say HUHHHHH?????!?!!??!!?!??!? Purchase tickets as soon as you can to make sure that you aren't shut out of this screening. This is the must-attend event of the 21st Century! (Or, at the very least, it's the third must-attend event of this Friday night behind Rooftop Films and the opening night of Monsieur Verdoux at the Film Forum.)

T-shirts to be provided by Holly Herrick (after the Beowulf debacle, I have retired from that game, but Ms. Herrick swears that she is going to rise to the challenge and bring goodies for all those lucky attendees--now that I have gone public with this promise, she better deliver!).

After that, the plan is to retire to an undisclosed location for a late-night party flooded with Shyamalan Shooters (a little Mike's Hard Lemonade with a splash of something mystical, magical, and inexpressibly underwhelming, anyone?).

This night can't possibly be as good as my most fantastical daydreams are telling me that it's going to be, but there's only one way to find out for yourself: join us on this ludicrously baffling cinematic adventure and let's see what Miggy Night Sham-a-lot has to offer this time around. And spread the word to anyone who might be interested.

This is not a joke. This is not a test. This Friday night, this is HAPPENING!

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