Watch Rooftop Films Shorts Online

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Watch Rooftop Films Shorts Online

While summer in New York City is bad for many things--hot, sweaty, stinky, annoying, stifling, disgusting, gross are just a few adjectives that spring to mind--it isn't all bad. One of the highlights is the Rooftop Films screening series, which kicked off this past Saturday with a free screening in Fort Greene Park. This Friday, June 8th, brings the official opening night program, "This is What We Mean by Short Films," on the Lower East Side. Click on their website link above for official details.

However, even if you don't happen to live in New York City and can't take advantage of this super-cool opportunity to see great films in super-cooler outdoor venues, you can still experience Rooftop Films. How, you ask? Why, on your computer, silly. Thanks to their recent partnership with the Independent Film Channel, Rooftop Films is committed to celebrating short films in an even more exciting manner. Here are some snippets from their recent press release, which explains it better than I ever could:

"For 11 years, Rooftop Films has been a champion of short films. In fact, for the first several years of our existence, all we screened was short films--and we were quite happy about that. A program of short films can create a communal feeling that works perfectly at an outdoor screening. When making a short film, a filmmaker is free of the costs and conventions that often burden a feature film production, and some of the most innovative films in the world are shorts. We love short films and for years we have worked tirelessly to promote shorts and to raise their profile closer to that of the feature film. And now we’re one step closer. Rooftop Films is proud to partner with to present 100 short films from our festival online.

Since 1994, The Independent Film Channel, and IFC Films have been creating the movies that people talk about, working with directors who receive accolades for taking chances, and bringing the best, brightest (and darkest) independently-produced films to audiences around the world—always uncut and commercial free. They have worked long and hard to bring these films to the airwaves and distribute them theatrically, and now they are also focusing their attention on bringing some of this great independent cinema to audiences via the internet. We couldn't think of a better organization to partner with to promote these fantastic films.


Each and every morning from today through September 22nd, you can visit our dedicated Rooftop Films page on to see some of the best short films in the world. There are four films up there right now to watch and there are 96 more to come. All the shorts will stay online until at least the end of 2007, so very soon there will be a huge library of extraordinary films to peruse and enjoy.

The films we are selecting will come from all over the world and will span every imaginable genre in the short film universe. There will be everything from an animation about lovers meeting in a dystopic factory, to a comedy about a bizarre stalker looking for dietary advice; from an artful documentary about the beauty of carnivorous plants, to a satire that somehow manages to find humor in the execution of the mentally challenged in Texas. Rooftop Films receives more than 2,000 short film submissions a year and we are choosing the very best of these shorts to stream on The Rooftop Films page on will be one of the most exclusive online collections of great shorts available anywhere in the digital world."

Sounds pretty great to me. Check it out for yourself here and be sure to bookmark the page so you can start your day off right by watching a new short film and getting entertained/inspired. Thanks, Rooftop Films and IFC!

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