Weekend Movie Wrap-Up

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully January 10, 2005 at 8:43AM

Weekend Movie Wrap-Up

Friday, Noon: "Birth" -- Best opening shot of the year, as good an opening shot as there has ever been. The photography and score were outstanding. Felt like a '70s NYC psychological thriller in every way. Ms. Kidman once again proved me wrong by being phenomenal. When am I going to simply admit that she's a fine, fine actress? Overall, I really wish he had taken it even further, more like the extended one-take of her watching the opera/classical performance, or like the opening shot. It felt too conventional stylistically. The flirtations with abstract/experimental techniques just left me salivating for more. And then there was the obvious "revelation," which really let me down. I definitely enjoyed myself and think there was a lot to recommend, but it didn't necessarily fuck up my soul. But I'd take it over about 98% of the other shite that's out there.

Friday, Midnight: "The Dreamers" -- I probably should have seen this in a theater, but I didn't. Overall, I thought it was okay, but it didn't sweep me off my feet. Although I would say that, aside from "Before Sunset," this was the best last shot of the year. I really liked the recreations of older films. Wish he'd done even more of that, as self-conscious and precious a concept as it may be. Oh yeah, and then there was/is/shall ever be Eva Green. Eva Green. Eva Green. Is this the most beautiful female to have ever graced the screen? Is it just me? Eva Green. Eva Green. Eva Green. Eva Tully. Eva Green Tully. Eva Tully Green. David Gordon Green. Eva Sam Mendes. Eva Eva Green...

Saturday, Noon: Maryland/North Carolina -- I was fully prepared to swallow the certain demolition with unemotional saliva, but then they go and play above and beyond their capabilities for the first ten minutes, filling me with a tiny sense of hope. Fortunately, they didn't keep this up, and reality returned. I actually left the bar where I was watching it solo with only three minutes gone in the second half. I wanted to appreciate my day. Which I sort of did.

Saturday, 2pm: "The Saddest Music In the World" -- I am firmly convinced that if someone were to offer me 1,000 dollars to simply pay attention to this movie for the full 98 (or so) minutes without losing concentration, I would fail miserably. Man, I don't know about this one. I'll take Cory McAbee's "American Astronaut" and call it a day for kooky black-and-white trips to Huh???ville.

Sunday, 10pm: "Napoleon Dynamite" DVD EXTRAS -- Watching the short film, "Peluca," was very interesting, as I'm trying to do the same thing with "Ping-Pong Summer." Honestly, it surprised me a little bit, as it merely felt like an above average student film, albeit a funny, original, and clever one. I guess I was expecting more. Either way, I support the filmmakers, and this film, in every single way. I do wonder why they didn't include the pre-election day montage of events in the film itself, as it only took about three or four minutes and there was some truly funny shit in there.

Sunday, Midnight: "Wild at Heart" -- There isn't much to be said about this one. "This whole world... wild at heart and weird on top;" "Rockin' good news;" "Have yourself another glass of Jack, Bobby;" "And you know I mean business when it comes to FUCKIN'." Right now, David Lynch is out in his garage building a Maharishi-inspired couch or some shit, when he should be making another goddamn feature. Come back to Earth long enough to make another movie, David--we need you!

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