Weekend of Successful Friends

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully October 15, 2007 at 3:10AM

Weekend of Successful Friends

Saturday night was as inspiring as a night can get. Of Montreal played to a packed house at Roseland and had the entire place dancing and cheering for the duration of their hit-packed ninety minute set (for those of you keeping score, yes, that was Craig Zobel on stage during the dramatic fight scene!). Every time they blow through NYC I think, "It can't get any bigger than this," yet each time they manage to shatter their previous exploits. This time was no exception. I witnessed the spectacle from above, and it had my head spinning. Jamey played the drums more than he has recently, which needs to keep happening, because it keeps the sonic presentation more organic and fresh. I remember many years ago when the band first went to Japan. Kevin's brother Dave recounted how Kevin had the entire crowd cheering along and dancing at the post-show party and Dave thought it was great to see his brother getting the recognition that he so deserved, since it didn't appear that they were going to break out in the States in any major way. Or maybe we both were just worried that Kevin's genius would slip through the cracks. Fortunately, the other night confirmed that supernatural talent, an insane work ethic, and an unflinching commitment to one's true calling, well, put those three things together and the world will eventually take notice. Which it has. I can't wait to see what happens next. Madison Square Garden? Bring it on! After the show, we all headed to super-producer Lisa Muskat's for an impromptu after-party. It made me very happy to see how humbled and excited Kevin was by the show (which he said was the biggest indoor show they've ever played with them being the main attraction). Somehow, I feel like Kevin Barnes is just getting started. Settle down, hotshot.

Before that, Todd Rohal and his lady friend and I went to see Paul Schneider in LARS AND THE REAL GIRL. Check out this LA Weekly article about Paul. It definitely captures his feisty spirit. As for the movie itself... hmm. Kinda like MANNEQUIN meets WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S meets GOOD WILL HUNTING meets THE STATION AGENT meets a Big Pile of Poop. But the theater was just about filled up and everyone seemed to like it. Really??? Lea said that in the ladies' room after the movie all of the women, young and old, were talking about Paul and how handsome he was. Nice! As for the movie itself, be very careful out there.

Speaking of Todd Rohal, I have seen (and seen and seen and seen and seen) the latest installment in the Ola Podrida video project. His video for "Lost and Found" might very well be my Favorite Music Video Ever. I'm not exaggerating. If all goes well, it should be hitting Pitchfork and other music blogs within the next few days. I'll let you guys know when it happens for sure. I'm actually going to watch it again right now. It's indescribable and incredible and a ton of other words like that.

I have also seen a short film that will be wowing festival audiences everywhere next year. It's called THE ADVENTURE, and was written and directed by Mike Brune, star of Alex Orr's batshit insane BLOOD CAR. The first day of the shoot, Bergman died. The second day of the shoot, Antonioni died. When you see it for yourself, you'll understand why this doesn't just feel like a coincidence, it feels like something much more omniscient and profound. It's a striking work on its own, but that connection elevates it into greatness.

Oh, one last thing. A hearty congratulations goes out to Jeff Nichols, whose SHOTGUN STORIES won the Grand Jury Prize at the Austin Film Festival. SHOTGUN STORIES is without a doubt one of the best films of the year, and is a remarkably assured debut. Like I said after I saw it in Newport, I don't think the movie has one false note. And I've also said this before, but Michael Shannon is a rare, special presence on the big screen. The world needs more Michael Shannon now, damn it!

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