Weekend Wrap-Up

by tully
August 29, 2005 5:19 AM
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I have seen THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN twice and deem it to be the best intentional Hollywood comedy since OFFICE SPACE (the best unintentional comedy being THE REAL CANCUN, of course). Funny, funny, funny shit!

A strange personal swirl has spun into my life. While I don't want to talk about it here--at least not right now--suffice to say, it has the potential makings of a tale that is too unimaginably good to be true. Stay tuned.

I hope my New Orleans friends weren't stubborn this time around and got the fuck out of Dodge. Looks like it's about to get all Waterworld up in that motherfucker. Seriously, be careful out there, folks.

No progress on the mighty COCAINE ANGEL, though we're heading back into the dungeon for another pass next weekend. At that point, I would lovvvve to call it a picture lock, but until a definite sound plan presents itself, I guess we can keep tinkering. Either way, we're really close.

Speaking of no progress, I need a music supervisor. I don't know what I'm doing. Anyone reading this do that for a living?

Had a revelatory Thursday night catching up with my good buddies Of Montreal in Baltimore. As early as last year when they played that town, maybe 10 or 20 people showed up. The other night, the Ottobar was fucking PACKED with screaming and dancing kids. They're even guest hosting a mid-September episode of "Subterranean" on MTV2. Kevin sent me a brand new song, "Chemicals," which is certain to launch them even further into the stratosphere. I have a video idea that I am convinced would put them on par with Green Day ("Longview") and Weezer ("Buddy Holly"). Hopefully that happens. They deserve all the success that comes to them.

My friend Craig Ceravalo (www.myspace.com/waxflight) convinced me to set up my own music page there. Why the fuck not, right? I spent the majority of yesterday trying to figure out GarageBand. Hopefully soon the world will get to meet my hip-hop alter-ego, Radical Miracle. If you thought EncoprEsis was tight, that shit will put the triple clamp on your eardrums!


Looking very forward to my NYC return, and especially to the NYFF. For now, it's back to Dill Street with my bro-in-law to paint a big old house yellow...

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  • Trevor Jernigan | November 1, 2006 12:04 AMReply


  • Caty Tota | June 17, 2006 1:27 AMReply

    You guys are the 75058 best, thanks so much for the help.

  • Cash Carter | September 27, 2005 8:02 AMReply

    "strange personal swirl", Again go fuck yourself. why don't you ask her what she still says to me and what happened while she was in town fucko.

  • Suzanne | September 2, 2005 3:44 AMReply

    The unmentionable must be a special lady...

    I loved 40-yr old virgin. I wanted a man like that for so long...ah.