Weekend Wrap-Up

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully November 14, 2005 at 7:08AM

Weekend Wrap-Up


First off, I order you to download, buy, or do whatever you must to get your hands on "Hell Yeah," track two on Neil Diamond's newest record, 12 SONGS. Talk about some epic, fist-pumping magic. Seriously, check that shit out right now!

Also, Vashti Bunyan's "Lookaftering" features more musical perfection behind the boards from Max Richter. I wonder if he's ever chosen or played one improper note in his life.

Lastly, Sufjan Stevens' ILLINOISE is one of the most life-affirming musical spectacles I have heard in years. I know I'm late to board this train, but better late than even later.


Just watched Tim Blake Nelson's EYE OF GOD, which is brilliantly constructed and breathtakingly depressing. My kind of film.

Speaking of brilliantly constructed and breathtakingly depressing (just kidding folks, settle down), I spent yesterday doing an almost-almost final picture pass on the mighty COCAINE ANGEL with the one-and-only Dave Lahn. We finally came to our senses and did some major work to a third act scene that everyone has been wanting to see trimmed all along, and also made another dramatic change towards the end. Once again, I think the film became 80 times better based on those changes alone, although it's even sadder now, if that's possible. There's only one little moment earlier on that we're not 100% sure on, but as it is, I'm okay with it. Hopefully one more pass will give us a lock and we can move on to sound.


I left the computer with Dave for a week to work on a trailer (and cut together the infamous "cat house" scene, God help us all) while I drive down to Charleston to paint my sister's new house for her. I'm now questioning my decision to do this, as I don't think I have nearly enough time, but I'm getting pretty good at the trade, so hopefully I can take care of her biggest needs. Plus, there's good food down there and I like her, so it'll be fun regardless. Though I'm not really looking forward to tomorrow's drive down 95.

I went out in DC Saturday night with my good buddies Eric, Jeff, and Chris (the cast of last year's "Choose Your Roommate," for those of you in the know). Drank to excess for what might be the fourth or fifth time since August 15th, 2004. I don't know, man, alcohol used to be my best friend, my lover, my oxygen tank, my inspiration, my absolute everything. Now it just makes me really, really sad. Even worse is the realization that the day after these binges I've had this heavy wave of anxiety, where I feel nothing but utter hopelessness for myself and the world and everything around me (this is far more terrifying than your standard hangover). Fortunately that didn't happen when I was an award-winning, pint-swallowing, Tanqueray guzzling lush. Now, it just reminds me that I've reached another stage in my life. I think they call it Monkhood. In one sense I'm worried that I'm now too old and boring and sober for anyone to find me interesting, but in another sense I'm fucking thrilled that I no longer have to get shitsmashed just to make the world seem bearable and I'm not uselessly throwing away hundreds of dollars every week and I don't have to kiss the lips of a girl that I wouldn't want to be kissing if I hadn't swallowed so much liquid. So it's an even trade-off, I'd say.

Don't worry, kids, I'll check in from South Carolina, though I probably won't have much to say. But I know how much these posts mean to you (a special mention goes to Tippy Ridgeway of Topeka, KS, and Ron Johnson of Waco, TX, whose heartfelt letters of thank you had me in tears last week), so I plan on posting as often as possible.

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