Weekend Wrap-Up

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully December 18, 2006 at 7:16AM

Weekend Wrap-Up

First off, I would like to apologize for attending that Knicks/Hawks game last week, even though Nate paid for it. After Saturday's shameful display of playground thuggery, I officially swear that I will never watch a second of NBA basketball again. Those spoiled bitches should be thankful that they get paid millions of dollars to play a fucking GAME for a living, yet they're too busy trying to look hard instead of playing hard. As if Carmelo "Hit and Run" Anthony's pussy jack-move was hard. Fucking spoiled baby. YOU ARE A LITTLE FUCKING BITCH, YOU FUCKING SISSY. Next time don't run back to your bench for protection after you sucker punch somebody. You might have missed Introduction to Thuggery 101 that day, but sucker punching somebody and then running away is as un-hard as it gets. The NBA is an embarrassment to humanity. Shame on all of you.

I saw ROCKY BALBOA at the DGA on Saturday night, followed by a Q&A with The Italian Stallion himself. The movie is strange, but effective. It feels like a relic from another era (even more so than THE GOOD GERMAN, actually), like it was actually made in the early '80s. Still, there's an underlying sincerity that makes you pull for it nonetheless. If you do see it, be sure to recognize the genius of Rocky saying "Yikes" when he plugs in the lightbulb. It might be up there with Colin Farrell's "I'm a fiend for Mojitos" as my Hollywood moment of the year. As for the Q&A, Sly rocked it! He was really disarming and self-deprecating and funny and smart. He totally won me over. I wanted to ask him who he deemed to be the more commanding screen presence, Estelle Getty or Dolph Lundgren, but I didn't. Maybe next time.

Speaking of "of the year," my "Best of 2006" mix CD has just about been finalized, but I've had absolutely no time to burn copies and mail them to friends. But I'm still determined to make that happen. I also plan to post my "Best Of" lists sooner than later, so get ready for that.

I saw THE GOOD GERMAN at noon today, which I had to cover for work. I thought I was going to have to lift my ban and visit the Angelika, but I didn't have to, thankfully, as it also opened at The Paris in midtown. I'm a huge supporter of Soderbergh, but this thing felt like an absolute waste of effort to me. All style and no substance whatsoever. At one point, I dozed off. It wasn't that the film put me to sleep, even. I was just so bored that I consciously decided to escape from post-War Berlin and take a nap. But then I got a Jamba Juice after the movie (Matcha Green Tea Blast, yo) and all my sorrow went away.

I caught KASPAR HAUSER tonight. Man oh man, that is a beautiful film. Bruno S. might be the most intriguing presence the screen has ever seen.

Speaking of beautiful, watch this. It's like Todd Haynes directed COCOON 3 or some shit. (Thanks for the link, Lauren Antler!)