Winter Is All Up In My Business (& Other Assorted Goodies)

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully December 15, 2005 at 6:55AM

Winter Is All Up In My Business (& Other Assorted Goodies)

--Earlier this week, I was painting in Kensington (just outside of DC). Driving on 270 yesterday, I was struck by something. In 8 out of 10 cars that I passed from the point at which I started counting, solitary drivers were talking on cell phones. It kind of creeped me out for some reason, though I'm not sure exactly why. Then again, driving on 270 creeps me out in general, what with the unsettling landscape of bland, imposing corporate offices that seem to be popping up every two or three days. Passing artificial building after artificial building, I did, however, have another more optimistic thought:

I'm close to having existed for one entire year without having set foot inside an office building. Though I'm currently in thousands of dollars of debt and live at home and don't have a girlfriend and basically don't have any semblance of an actual "life," the mere fact that I don't have to walk into an office everyday is enough to make me feel healthy and hopeful and actually pleased with my current circumstances. My aversion to that environment is that strong. Mark my words: I will NEVER work in an office again.

--A culinary tip: kippered snacks and M&M's don't mix.

--I think a double-feature of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and KING KONG is in the cards for tomorrow. Well, a matinee of the former and a nighttimer of the latter. Should be quite a wonderful day of cinema. As long as I can keep the hype in check. Which will be difficult, considering these two films are all I've been reading about for the past several weeks.

--I finally just made it through the second disc of UNSCRIPTED. Man, why did this show not get any notice? Or did it and I just wasn't paying attention? Either way, I wish it's course hasn't done been run, but that appears to be the case. How unfortunate.

--I only have a few more scenes to gather sound for and then I do the most ghetto sound mix in the history of independent cinema. I honestly don't think anyone's going to notice any problems with our aurals, which might be my proudest achievement of all with this thing. Then again, even saying that is jinxing myself, so I'll shut up now.

--Driving home from Frederick today, it was snowing pretty hard. On the interstate, I passed my mom, who shot me a look of utter discomfort and absolute helplessness. It was both hilarious and heartbreaking. Fortunately, the back roads weren't bad and I slowly led her home without either of us sliding off the road. I'm definitely going to incorporate the kernel of this concept into a future script. Too fucking funny.

--"Michael Tully Presents the Best Songs of 2005" CDs are being pressed as I type this. Hopefully they'll all be in the mail by Monday.

--MILLIONS and KINGS AND QUEEN are ready to be watched. Looking forward to both of them.

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