indieWIRE Snagged

by twhalliii
July 17, 2008 2:16 AM
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Congrats to the team at indieWIRE on their recent sale to SnagFilms. I am going to be honest here; One never knows how an acquisition will fit or how the day to day will work out. Change is never a guarantee. But I trust everyone involved that they have done the right thing and have been justly rewarded and financed for 12 years of exceptional, hard work. I hope that the next dozen years are as meaningful and exciting for everyone involved.

I do know that, for me personally, indieWIRE is homebase for the independent film community. I got my first job in NYC in 1997, working as a Manager for New Media at IFC; I literally don't know what the independent film world would be like without an indieWIRE in it. I also know that the team who has produced the site are great people who have been tireless in their advocacy and reporting on the independent and foreign film community. Without indieWIRE, I don't know how I'd stay in touch with my community. It is essential.

May indieWIRE continue to thrive content in the knowledge that there is now economic stability and more support on the way to realize some of your greater ambitions. My only advice? Don't go on some nonsensical dot com spending spree! You don't need pinball in the office! Stay true to your mission and you cannot fail. Congrats, guys!

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  • Mark Rabinowitz | July 17, 2008 7:57 AMReply

    LOL! BD, you the funny one, fer sure! But I thought it was foosball....

  • Brian Clark | July 17, 2008 4:27 AMReply

    OMG! Eugene, you see, we forgot to ask for offices to go with the pinball machines we negotiated for! ARGH! Thanks for the kind words, Tom :)