Long Time, No Nada...

by twhalliii
May 9, 2005 7:09 AM
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Sorry for the hiatus... I've been in the middle of locking the Nantucket FF Program as well as finalizing the catalogue for the festival, so I haven't been to the movies in a while, and when I have (I did take in the excellent double feature of THE HOLY GIRL and FUNNY HA HA last weekend), I've been too busy to write much of anything. I was able to transcribe my interview with Arnaud Desplechin, most of which will run in indieWIRE very soon (my first professional piece of film writing), and I will run the unpublished portion on this blog. It's an in-depth discussion, and I am pretty excited about it.

On a personal note, this past weekend was my niece's 3rd birthday, so I flew home for that and Mother's Day, which was a real treat. I also got to watch my beloved Liverpool lose 3-1 to evil Arsenal, but I have the Champion's League Final on May 25th to stay excited about... In the meantime, my niece Sophia really enjoyed the present I got her for her birthday...

sophia is a new red.jpg

She looks great in Red, doesn't she?

Anyway, I don't like to do short little posts, I'm more of an essay writer, and I prefer to do longer entries so I can say what I really mean. I apologize if anyone reads this blog and has been looking for a new post, but I'd rather do things in longer form and stay true to my own way of writing. So, I promise more frequent posts after May 18th (Nantucket should be locked by then) and thanks for checking in...

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