The Sarasota Film Festival Salutes Kevin Bacon

By twhalliii | THE BACK ROW MANIFESTO by Tom Hall November 18, 2005 at 4:25AM

The Sarasota Film Festival Salutes Kevin Bacon

Ah, Florida! It’s been a great week. I finally got down to Sarasota to get situated and start work on the Film Festival. I also had a chance to work with our team on the Festival’s big fundraiser for the year; The Sarasota Film Festival Career Tribute to Kevin Bacon.

bacon on stage3.jpg
Kevin Bacon speaks to the crowd at the Tribute

The Bacon Brothers came into to town on Wednesday for the event, and are also playing a couple of concerts together in the area, so it was really great of them to support the festival and spend some time with us. We started with a screening of Loverboy which Kevin directed and for which his brother Michael composed the score (thanks again to David Fenkel and THINKFilm for helping us with the print!) After a lively Q&A in the second sold-out theater, we all headed over to the Long Boat Key Club for dinner, drinks, and a salute to Kevin’s career. Kevin dedicated the tribute to his parents in a really kind, lovely speech. theatre crowd shot.jpg The audience prepares for Loverboy Q&A7.jpg Your humble blogger moderates the Q&A with Kevin and Michael Bacon. Guess which one I am? [sigh...] Sometimes, these fundraisers and festival events can take on a perfunctory feeling, but that never happens here. Last night was really nice; I think Kevin was speaking from the heart and I felt like the night was very professional and received very well by our community. I think it is really important to remember that many times, actors decline invitations to make a gesture like this and support film and festivals, so Kevin's participation was truly generous, and it is our responsibility to deliver an honest, well-organized, classy event. I know we did that, and I am really proud of our staff and team for making that happen. It was a great help to the festival as well, as we met our fundraising goal for the evening. redcarpet3.jpg Kevin Bacon greets fans at Sarasota's Regal Hollywood 20 before the SFF Loverboy Screening Jody and Kevin.jpg Kevin and Sarasota Film Festival Executive Director Jody Kielbasa Now that the tribute is done, it's time to ramp up for the festival...All I have to do is find 90 features, 60 shorts, and get members of the industry down here to see what we’re all about. Oh, and fly back to New York tomorrow, then head off to Flint for Thanksgiving, back to NYC with my car, load up, and make the permanent move to FL the following Tuesday. Did I mention 90 features? The life of a programmer… piece of cake. All Photos by the fabulous Mr. Mark Bettis.... Thanks Mark!