Yes, It's Another <i>Un Conte De Noël</i> Update

by twhalliii
July 11, 2007 9:45 AM
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Pardon my enthusiasm, but my favorite film maker is working on a new project and I just can't help myself; I wrote a few weeks ago with news of the new Arnaud Desplechin film Un Conte De Noël... Well, there are a ton of new images (see below) and a long summary of the film posted on the Why Not Productions website. Again, the film looks brilliant and I can't wait to see it. My (very) rough translation, followed by images, are below.

"In the beginning, Abel and Junon had two children, Joseph and Elizabeth. Born an extremely rare genetic disease, baby Joseph was condemned to undergo a bone-marrow transplant. His sister being incompatible, his parents had another child, Henri, in the hope to save Joseph. But Henri could not do anything for his brother - and Joseph died at seven years age.

In spite of the birth of another son, Ivan, the Vuillard family does not recover from the consequences of this trauma. Several years passed, and the relations more than are ever strained between its various members, in particular between Elizabeth, head of household authoritative and responsible, and Henri, marginal cynic who shares his life between the women and alcohol. An argument between the pair causes the final bursting of the family unit. Crushed by the debts, Henri "is banished" by his sister, which thus deprives him of the company of his nephew Paul- a tortured teenager who suffers from serious psychological problems. Henri keeps nevertheless contact with Ivan and his wife Sylvia, and her cousin Simon.

Soon, Junon learns that he is corroded by a cancer and that only a bone-marrow graft can save him. It is necessary for him consequently to find a donor potential among the members of its family. Children and grandchildren put each one to carry out the tests but, with final, only two people appear compatible: Paul and Henri.

Christmas approaches. The entire family meets for three days in the large parental house in Roubaix..."

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  • goran | July 12, 2007 5:11 AMReply

    I only read the first few lines of that synopsis since I always try very hard to go into films knowing as little as possible in advance, but what I read sounds too promising for me to be able to sleep until I see the movie. Especially considering that it's gonna feature the greatest of living actress legends, as well as Amalric who I adore, as well as Devos who may possibly be my favourite living actress, as well as the photography of my favourite living DOP. At this rate, Un Conte De Noël would have to be my favourite living movie.