Last week we wondered what Brave writer and co-director Brenda Chapman would have to say when she heard about Merida getting the Disney princess makeover.

We suspected she's be pissed and we were right.

Here's a comment she put on the post over the weekend

I think it is atrocious!!! I'm all the way down in Santiago, Chile at a film festival, and this hits the fan while I am gone! It is outrageous! I've signed the petition and given Bob Iger a piece of my mind. Since I am no longer with the company, I'm sure they could care less what I think on the matter. But they have betrayed the essence of what we were trying to do with Merida - give young girls and women a better stronger role model. She's strong inside and out - she's not just a simpering pretty face waiting around for romance! She was created to turn that whole ideal on it's head! - Oh yeah... that's why I created her... they're just in it for the money... not the integrity. They don't care what message they send about women, as long as it makes them a buck.

Yep... that's what I have to say about it

Suffice it to say that other folks were pissed off too.  The petition against giving Merida the Disney makeover got over 108,000 signatures.