So Audra will be tied up on Broadway for about 4 more months, as it was confirmed that she would stay on with the show through the end of its extension! What comes after that for her is still a mystery; but I'd say that she deserves much more than a forgettable bit part as one of Woody Harrelson's one-night-stands in Rampart.

I should also note that Aretha Franklin reportedly has set her sights on Audra to star in her biopic; although, Aretha has had her sites on a number of other actresses to play her in a film about her life. And would Audra even want to do it if offered?

One could argue that there just isn't as much of a mainstream awareness of her (despite how well-known she is on the theatre circuit), which might be a hinderance. But with what we could call the "broadening of Broadway" in recent years, as Broadway producers welcome Hollywood actors with open arms (reviving, adapting, or "blackening" familiar, existing shows), in order to reach beyond typical theatre audiences, and boost ticket sales, lauded stage actresses like Audra McDonald might be introduced to audiences who weren't already fully aware of her and her talents.

And that new awareness could translate into more, plumper offers in both TV and film - assuming of course that she wants those opportunities; and I'll say that she most certainly does. She's an actress, and I'm sure she'd like to work (on hopefully great projects), and do so consistently. And let's face it, "black shows" on Broadway (or shows with roles for black actors - specifically leading roles) aren't exactly plentiful. So it's only logical that an actress of Audra's caliber would definitely keep all her options open. Plus she's done some TV and film anyway, suggesting that she most certainly is interested in working outside of the theater circuit.

I should also note that she routinely performs in concerts throughout the US primarily (shes also an opera/classical music singer, with two Grammy Awards and four albums), so earning an income likely isn't a problem for her. But... let's see what happens in the next few months with regards to her acting career.

Being the multi-talent-threat that she is, I'd obviously love to get an interview with her, especially after last night's win. And I'll make an effort to do so. But if anyone reading this can assist in making that happen, please email me (

In addition to Audra's win, other wins of note include: the Raisin In The Sun-inspired Clybourne Park (which Wendell Pierce is a producer on; I saw it and reviewed the play HERE) winning the Tony for Best Play, and Porgy & Bess winning the Tony for Best Revival Of A Musical (it won 2 awards).

Audra's win makes her only the 7th black woman to win a Tony Award in the category she won for last night - Best Performance by an Actress in a Musical. The last time was when LaChanze won the award for her performance in The Color Purple, in 2006.

Watch her emotional Porgy & Bess acceptance speech below:

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