Helen Mirren

The European Film Academy is awarding Dame Helen Mirren with their prestigious Achievement in World Cinema 2012 award.

It’s no surprise that Mirren would be honored, with her impressive body of work spanning decades including iconic performances in films like Cal, The Madness of King George and The Queen, for which she won the Oscar portraying Queen Elizabeth II amongst many, many other awards.  Her most recent films are The Debt and The Door.

Mirren was thrilled at hearing the news, stating:

It was discovering the immense diversity of European filmmaking that gave me an enduring love and respect for the art form.  This award is therefore a very meaningful honour. I would be proud to be counted as an actor in the European tradition.

Mirren will receive the award during the 25th European Film Awards Ceremony, December 1st, in Malta.

Dame Helen Mirren gets European film award (BBC)