Disney Fans Makeover Newest Disney Princess

by Kerensa Cadenas
July 8, 2013 2:30 PM
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After Disney unveiled images of its latest lead, Elsa the Snow Queen in the upcoming Frozen, fans decided hey had had enough of the typical Disney princess, so they made her over. Elsa, per Disney's usual whitewashing (other lead character Anna is also very white), falls in line with their typical fair skinnned, light hair, blue eyes always wearing a glamorous but impractical gown.  

Disney fans on Tumblr, under the hashtag This Could Have Been Frozen, took the new image and redesigned Elsa representing different races and in different (and at times more practical) costumes.

One participant, Rachel McGuffin explained her motivations for the project.

I was feeling rather hopeless about Disney’s whitewashing the past Princesses so I went ahead and racebent their future white characters.

In the Disney Princess Brand--8 of the 12 princesses are white. This project really brings to light the severity of Disney's race problem and also shows them that they don't always have to go with the same generic white route. 

Angry Disney fans create their own ethnic princess after latest film features ANOTHER 'generic' white female (The Daily Mail)

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  • Divide and Conquer Tactic; It's Probably Fake | April 17, 2014 7:22 PMReply

    This looks like troll bait to me; like more race bait "disguised" as something progressive in order to, actually, anger "white people" over "black people's/non-white-people's reactions." The majority isn't in danger of the minority so it's really in all honesty to make the minority look bad and "more racist" in order to dredge up old excuses to hate minorities. No, sorry, I don't think it's a genuine, sincere "intention," I think it's a shady trap designed to get as many brain-washed screamers on board as possible under "divide and conquer" so both sides can fight.

  • caramel1 | April 9, 2014 3:23 PMReply

    Oh the story take place in Scandinavia. Now I see, makes better sense now. I thought this was a fairytale fantasy , taking place in a fantasy land. My misunderstanding. Bye I'm off to find a talking snowman now. Have fun peeps!

  • Sam | April 9, 2014 6:47 PM

    Watched Princess and the Frog? Which was set in hotter climes... This is based on the Snow Queen which is indeed a scandanavian fairy tale. As others have said and listed there are a set of newer and racially different princesses and other characters in disneys films. Including planes and cars and monsters so we dont leave them out :)

  • K | April 7, 2014 8:31 PMReply

    By keeping the blonde hair, aren't you setting a physically impossible standard for black people?

  • Chris | April 12, 2014 10:30 AM

    First off, it's white, and second, by making it white in the first place are't you setting a physically impossible standard for white people?

  • Michelle | April 7, 2014 7:29 PMReply

    There are not a lot of Norwegian or Russo-Finnish brown or black people. Of course Elsa and Anna are white. That's who lived in stony castles in the frozen North, back in medieval times. That's not whitewashing. Whitewashing would be if they took a princess who was originally black, and replaced her with a blonde. The franchise has begun to add princesses like Pocahontas, Tiana, Mulan, and Jasmine. Tiana and Pocahontas are the only American princesses. The rest are French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Scottish. No, it's not all the same thing, even though they're all not black. I think they are making a point now of adding more diversity to the mix, and we can expect to see African, South American, Pacific Islander, and Native American fairy tales, with appropriate princesses, probably every third movie or so. The colors of the princesses so far, have been determined by the origin of the fairy tale in which they appear, so send Disney suggestions if you have a favorite.

  • Disney-Amazing | April 11, 2014 10:21 AM

    I'm hoping for a Turkish Princess, if they make one.

  • cat L | April 6, 2014 11:17 PMReply

    Well Elsa and Anna are from Norway. People from Norway are white. Rapunzel and Snow White are from Germany. Germans are white. Ariel's from Denmark, Belle's from France, Merida's from Ireland, Cinderella's from France, and Aurora from another part of Europe. There is a reason these princesses are white. Europeans had the castles and the good fairy tales.

  • Guest of Honour | April 11, 2014 10:17 AM

    Good point, but Merida is from Scotland.

  • B | April 5, 2014 10:39 PMReply

    You know that "whitewashed" refers to characters that were written as people of color and then represented as white in the movie. Not characters are supposed to be white.

  • Me | April 2, 2014 9:40 PMReply

    Sorry to say this but you people are so racist with the black people

  • Olivia | April 1, 2014 8:24 PMReply

    Your all racist. Can't you just except Elsa for who she is? I have white and black friends... but I don't want to go around painting them different colors! If you want the Disney Princesses to change from here on out, then you get off you dead a** and work for them! If not then shut your ape of a hole you call a mouth and back off of their hard work! I thought they did a great job on the movie...

    Words of advice: Don't like it? Don't watch it! is that so hard?

  • Dr. Applebox | March 27, 2014 4:13 AMReply

    I think I've finally found the stupidest website on the planet.

  • William Boissonnault | March 27, 2014 1:00 AMReply

    Yeah, it's been AGES since we've had a race-bent princess! Like, FIVE WHOLE YEARS! Disney CLEARLY hates black people.

  • Elli | April 11, 2014 5:57 PM

    Disney is a company, it wants to earn money. I dont really think Disney cares about races as long they earn money, Disney cares about what society wants. So if you want to hate on Disney, I think its more appropriate to hate society, because we are the fault of racism - not Disney who is trying to profit from it.

  • natt | March 26, 2014 8:48 PMReply

    Although I agree that putting more diversity into the Disney roster would be great, suggesting that a Scandinavian ice queen should have had dark skin is a bit ridiculous.

  • Peggy | March 25, 2014 10:29 AMReply

    You people complaining about this are proving the point. It SUCKS to see yourself ERASED. There are people on this planet without blonde hair and blue eyes with a varied, exciting culture that could be the subject of a Disney movie. But they never are. So these people took matters into their own hands and forced the issue. And you people freaked out! GOOD. Now you know what it feels like to be wronged. And by the way, there was African culture before there were any such things as WHITE PEOPLE. AND, many Europeans had brown skin along with their blue eyes up until 7,000 years ago, which isn't long. You need to STOP thinking the world revolves around YOU because soon, it won't.

  • Dr. Applebox | March 27, 2014 3:53 AM

    Oh, yes! Non-white people have NEVER been the subject of a Disney movie. WAH! Oh, I mean, except for Aladdin, Pocahontas, Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, Jungle Book, Emperor's New Groove, Brother Bear, Princess and the Frog, and the upcoming Moana. But, I mean, other than all those, there's NOTHING!

  • Ariana | March 26, 2014 9:46 AM

    You know you are embarrassing other races when you rant like that, right? I happen to be black and I would have to disagree with you to some point. If one studies the film at all one can see it's set about 200-400 ago. At this time in a small kingdom in Iceland or Norway people would have been fairly white. Besides I think that their skin color,you rant which is only skin deep, was to emphasize the fact that she has ice powers, I don't now about you but I don't think most darker skin tones when I think about ice. I do have to agree Disney needs to add some other cultures princess, I know most princess stories about princess come from Europe, Cinderella, Snow White, etc., but other countries had/have them to. I would love to see a South American, African, some sort of island, and possible Australian princess. Let's expand our's and our children's horizons Disney.

  • team princess | March 25, 2014 12:36 AMReply

    That is completly unfair and wrong . Firts of all not all of disneys princesses are whitewashed theres merida who is fairly new who and whos to say that disney dosnt have an yes her skin color is white but she is scotish, jasmine who is arabic , pocahontas is native american , and alot more . I belove that ever princess has a ethnicty. People need to look past skin color because they are missing out on a great princess . I believe that if they made elsa or anna look diffrent the movie would be kinda off, not saying that if they were black they would be ugly but because where the setting of the movie takes place that would be a little weird.

  • Siobhan | March 24, 2014 12:03 AMReply

    That would be culturally inaccurate and terribly presumptive. In 1840's Norway, their monarchs certainly wouldn't be black. In fact there weren't even many black people at all. And Disney princesses being 'whitewashed' is BS. Pocahontas was Native American, Jasmine and basically all of Aladdin was Middle Eastern, Mulan was Asian. There was the Princess and the Frog. The majority of white princesses are in movies set in Europe in time periods where most of the people there would be white. Besides, what do you have against Elsa? Just because she's white doesn't mean she can't be a positive role model for all girls.

  • Tumblr feminists are scum | March 21, 2014 10:33 PMReply

    percentage of white people in USA - 72.4 %
    percentage of white princesses in disney films - 66.66%
    percentage of non white people in ancient norway - probably close to 0%

    stop whining social justice warriors. I'm fed up of seeing your outrage all over the internet. You people never speak up about this stuff in public most of the time and when you do you are (quite rightly) ignored for being batshit insane and probably autistic. Therefore you flood the internet with your unfairness bullcrap for any and all reasons projecting your inner schizoid personalities into every comment section available.

  • Darth | April 2, 2014 11:06 AM

    Why are you hating on autistic people damn

  • kev | March 23, 2014 9:37 AM

    How do you know that they don't speak about it in public???? Do you own Disney???? Did you come up with those percentages yourself? 100% of non-whites know 50% of white people love to embellish the facts.

  • AmusedOne | March 21, 2014 12:21 PMReply

    No, this is what the fans SHOULD NOT have done.
    I don't mean to be racist, but seriously, Frozen's Elsa is not supposed to be black.
    The whole theme of the movie revolves around purity that eventually becomes muddled- the background and EVERYTHING is white- and so is snow. It only makes sense for Disney to design Elsa with white skin and blond hair- that's how she fits in with the theme of the Snow Queen. She had to be pale white- even a bit of tan wouldn't have cut it; forget being dark-skinned.
    Again, if these haters needed to redesign a princess, they should have chosen Ana. Ana would have worked out well with having a darker skin color.
    And as to say inequality, it's ironic how no one complains about the princesses' hair colors and eye colors not being some other color- that's a form of inequality as well.
    My point is, these people need to stop crying over appearance- the whole essence of Disney movies is not color or appearance, but rather the emotional and mental message that it conveys- for example, this whole movie upheld the women's movement/sexism in showing that women were capable of standing up for themselves and being who they want to be. Why aren't haters applauding Disney for that, and instead crying over skin colors? Kids don't really care at all about these things, it's instead a bunch of oversensitive adults who end up fighting over Disney's supposed "racism".

  • Why Always "Black?" | April 17, 2014 7:09 PM

    What I don't understand is why people keep calling it off as "black" automatically, and not any other race (or non-"white" peoples)? Black people aren't the only people with brown skin, and they're certainly not the only non-white peoples in the world; quite frankly this makeover looks like an Indian woman all the way. I don't understand the "it's either black or it's white" thing like those are the only two groups.

  • silly | March 23, 2014 9:41 AM

    Haha!!! You truly believe your own bullshyt!!!!! Believe me, kids care, it's adults like you who don't give a crap.

  • Let it go | March 19, 2014 7:08 PMReply

    Her parents are white and she is black, and an ice sorceress.... yeah, perfect sense. I'm not white, I like her this way.

  • Matthew | March 19, 2014 3:59 PMReply

    These people are idiots.

    1- There were no black people in Norway in the 1840's
    2- Ginger people are usually really white skinned.

    Wow, some people are dumb.

  • There are black people in Frozen, Matthew and Amusedone | April 17, 2014 7:13 PM

    There are brown-skinned (black) people in Frozen as extras in the ball room; so there are definitely "black people" in Frozen's Norway.

    But it makes more sense for her to be a pale character (not even considering race). Being an Ice Queen would mean an "icy" appearance in my opinion; in fact it's clear that it's the only reason why Elsa is platinum blonde and snow-pale whereas none of her family members are.

  • Lol | March 29, 2014 6:45 AM

    I disagree with this article but I must comment on how Frozen had black people in the movie... kinda seems like Disney ignored the fact that it was appr. in the 1840s

  • lou | March 23, 2014 9:42 AM

    Including you!

  • FROZEN | March 22, 2014 10:27 PM

    Do you have the facts of either of those statements?
    You are an idiot making statements that you cant even prove.

  • AMUSEDONE | March 21, 2014 12:27 PM

    Exactly what I wrote my post on. This is a kid's movie. They don't give a crap about race colors. They appreciate the Disney princesses whatever skin color, eye color, hair color, religion, ethnicity they are. They love Disney movies for their message, adventure, inspiration and dreams! These haters themselves are being the racist ones here- they force racist principles onto Disney shows, when it's clearly gratuitous. I mean, why hasn't anyone complained about the Big Summer Blowout shopkeeper being the stereotypical Indian voice? Because no one cares. The kids think it's funny, and the kids are able to look past these racial indifferences, they don't even mind it at all. Difference of race is a normal thing in their lives- skin color doesn't matter, and the issue of racism doesn't even exist. It's only adults who stress so much over those issues that causes these haters to do such a thing.

    Also, historical perspectives are absolutely correct. how could there have been a black person in the 1840s in Norway? Idiots.
    And what were they thinking- a black princess that just fits in with a whole land of snow, is the Snow Queen, has both white parents, lives in a kingdom FULL of white people, where ALL of the other characters are white-skinned, and to that extent, is in a story based on a white snowy theme and background? They might as well call Elsa the Mud Queen or something. Something just seems wrong. If they had to change someone's skin color, it could have NOT been the Snow Queen, ok?

  • Amanda | March 20, 2014 2:05 PM

    Thank you! Finally someone actually brings history into this argument rather than calling disney a bunch of racists.

  • Really | March 18, 2014 4:17 AMReply

    Okay I'm black and i gotta say dude stfu. I like her white! She's okay the color she is! Yes i would love to see more black people used but that doesn't mean i hate the princesses they have now.

  • Just pointing something out! | March 17, 2014 11:09 PMReply

    Frozen is set in the 1840s, or something similar to that time period. Just a little reminder for all of you (specifically, those of you saying it's from the 1300s-1400s- Middle Ages time period). Though yes, that is rather later than it may seem (and than Tangled seems, as the films are crossed over [Tangled is 3 years before Frozen]), it is the date listed on the Disney Wiki, and I am rather inclined to trust that.

  • quiarrah | March 17, 2014 7:40 PMReply

    This is all getting absurd! Maybe Disney should make "Purple" or "Green" prinesses, then no one have any room to complain. They REALLY would be Fantasy at that point and everone could just stfu. This racism thing is really getting on my nerves!! LOOK when and where these stories are set. Time period. . place . . .etc. Did you all forget MULAN, ESMARELDA, POCOHONTAS, TIANA . . . . .duh! NOT WHITE! Get over it already!

  • AMUSEDONE | March 21, 2014 12:31 PM


    And while the above would be obviously ludicrous, if the same were done with black replacing blue, it just happens to be "ok" for some reason. Racial inequality to support this is just crap logic.

  • caroline | March 19, 2014 8:51 AM

    lol must be nice huh. Out of 10 Princesses. Esmeralda wasn't a Princess hun. So 3 out of what 9, 10 are people of color and never repeated twice. Which still leave out a Latina princess. "What we gave you people an Asian/Black/Native American! There ar eno pleasing you people". Amble jerk.

  • Jade | March 19, 2014 1:32 AM

    Oh my god, thaaaaaaaaank you!

  • Historically Accurate | March 17, 2014 6:34 PMReply

    This is very ridiculous.
    Frozen is based on The Snow Queen, written by Hans Christian Anderson, and was set around a time where all of Norway was WHITE. It is CULTURALLY and HISTORICALLY ACCURATE, as are ALL OTHER PRINCESSES. They are all white because of the plain and simple fact that EVERYONE OF THAT TIME WAS WHITE, ESPECIALLY ROYALTY.

  • William Boissonnault | March 27, 2014 1:01 AM

    That's why they should have changed the location to a fictional African kingdom. Otherwise, Disney is racist.

  • Mimi | March 16, 2014 11:58 AMReply

    Well, she is an ICE sorceress, you could've changed Anna. And, to make her look prettier, change her hair colour to black. But no doubt, they should make princesses with different skin complexions.

  • Whatever | March 18, 2014 10:49 PM

    ............ Anna was her sister. Having her sister be a different ethnicity would bring the question "How has the King not caught on to this..." LOL. I'm also going to pretend you didn't just say she'd be prettier with different colored hair, because that would just demolish all that this review stands for (the one you just defended). Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it should get changed.

  • Jyss | March 15, 2014 10:17 AMReply

    The point some people are trying to make is that its sometimes hard to explain to little kids of color why they dont see themselves in disney. I personally love Disney and Frozen is one of my new favorite movies. I also agrees that, yes, elsa's skin tone was perfectly fine because she is the snow queen. Yea I would love to see another black princess or main character in a Disney movie but either way im still going to love disney just the same if I dont. They are cartoons and people should stop turning a fun thing made for kids into something horrible and racist.

  • Michael J | March 12, 2014 8:31 PMReply

    This is Rediculous! Let's get real for a second here. The movie is called frost!!! Legit morons would be offended by this character selection that fits the entire scenery of the film, so Disney should have made her any race or ethnicity BUT white? And THATS not a form of prejudice towards a particular race? Get your brain cells in order people. People are actually counting how many WHITE princess' Disney featured in their last 12 films? How about the last 20? Why 12? Because that number suited you're racism theory? Yes that's exactly why! If you go back a certain number of films you will find several different ethnicities and racially diverse Disney films. Whatever you're motivations were to make this project, you had to manipulate the truth to make this argument seem true. Get your definitions correct as well, this is far from "racist" a word that was originally reserved for defining the use of force or Ill will towards a different or particular race. If anything, this would define prejudice, which is a particular dislike of all other racial/ethnic groups. Finally, it is prejudice of who ever believes only the word "racism" is reserved to describe the actions of the "white" race, as if to say no other race or ethnicity is capable of such behavior, well I believe whoever created this project has some serious issues with the "white" race. Yes, the white race displayed serious racism in overwhelming numbers for a long period of time, but 29 yrs old, I did not live in such a time and only know of these events through what I have learned in history class. In my early years of life I also witnessed some prejudice behaviors from the white race. Today, this country is far more tolerant of each race from white to black and everyone in between, we are even seeing the Gay community gain more acceptance from the general makeup of this country. Basically what I'm getting at is quit your B-tching over a Disney princess and your almost intolerable idiotic display of ignorance towards "white racism" and what truely represents that definition what has NOTHING to do with Disney and their choice of character for a film called "Frost" that displays a character who fits the scenery. Try me morons, tell me how "racist" Disney is, the Ku-Klutz-Klan is a racist organization, don't get them and Disney confused.

  • Jade | March 19, 2014 1:34 AM


  • N | March 12, 2014 2:00 PMReply

    I'm sick of this posts.
    I am white and white hair. I never saw a disney princess like this until Elsa.
    Black princess: Tiana, Mullan, Pocahontas... etc. So... please.
    Albinism needs a disney princess too. :p

  • team princessv | March 25, 2014 12:40 AM

    Mullan is not black she is chines and pocahontas is native american . Insted of saying black princess , you probaly ment ethnic

  • sdafadsf | March 21, 2014 12:34 PM

    Yep. For the first time ever, Disney has a princess that is white, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed. All 11 of the other princesses were not the Nordic-traits type.
    And yet prior to Elsa, we did NOT have a boatload of Nordic descendants becrying "RACIST" at Disney.

    And even with Mulan or Pocahontas, not a single Nordic fan complained, or went as far as to recolor the two characters as white with blond hair. If that was even done, it would've been condemned as being racist beyond measure.

    Yet now for the first time we have a Nordic-traits princess and now racial outcriers recolor her with black skin, and it's OKAY?
    THAT is racism, NOT white Elsa. Black Elsa is racism, just like a blond Pocahontas would have been racist beyond measure.
    Idiots with their logic these days.

  • That is hella wrong | March 11, 2014 3:57 PMReply

    I just came here and saw the picture. That's all.
    And a word just came out of my mind.
    that is racist.

  • Mad At White Princesses | March 10, 2014 7:10 PMReply

    I am sick of them making white princesses. It's not fair that if for example, the princess is chinese, they have to be so cultural. Like Mulan, they wear those chinese traditional dresses. Why cant they just make a chinese character with like a normal english dress? Pochahontas has to wear that native dress. How is this fair? They need more cultured princesses. A mom I know had a hard time explaining to her daughter why none of the frozen characters looked like her. Very dissapointing.

  • William Boissonnault | March 27, 2014 1:11 AM

    Almost every Disney princess—the more modern ones, at least—have cultures associated with their race, including the white ones. Architecture in The Little Mermaid has Danish influences, and Beauty and the Beast is in a French setting. Local architecture, artwork, and even flora and fauna in Tangled is directly modeled off of that in Austria and Hungary. And Brave has obvious Scottish influences. Every Disney Princess movie takes place in the past, where there wasn't a lot of race-mixing going on.

  • asdfas | March 21, 2014 12:35 PM

    does not sound like sarcasm. sounds like an idiot.

  • get over ite | March 14, 2014 3:53 PM

    yes because a Chinese women in the 6th century would total be wearing a European style ball gown

  • michael | March 12, 2014 7:52 PM

    ...You actually somehow missed this person's sarcasm?...or did I somehow miss your sarcasm? Am I that exhausted that I'm on a Disney page reading this non-sense? Yes. How does anyone miss the sarcasm in that entire comment?

  • Scandigirl | March 11, 2014 9:57 AM

    Wow you can not be serious! This comment sounds like it comes right out of the movie "idiocracy" lol please get over your self entitlement not everyone looks or wares clothes the
    same. Hopefully you do not pass that ridiculous "if it's different than me, it's not right" attitude down to your child. The princess is white and beautiful so deal with it!

  • OMFG INTERNET?!?!? | March 9, 2014 6:59 PMReply

    In my opinion this argument makes as much sense as saying Snow White should have been a PoC.

    Also I am of Scandinavian decent and my sister looked a lot like Elsa when she was younger as her hair was generally the same colour (Whereas mine is more like Anna's).

    Finally Elsa is supposed to be the pure representation of ice, as they portrayed this very well in the film.

  • vbazxmk, | March 9, 2014 7:07 AMReply

    remember the princess and the frog! wasnt tiana black? this just proves they arent racist

  • really... | March 9, 2014 4:22 AMReply

    Its a Norwegian tale...just saying...back in the I don't know 1300 most blacks in that region were slaves or merchants...not princess...freaking seriously...how pathetic...

  • Amira | March 12, 2014 1:12 PM

    It's a Danish tale because Hans Christian Andersen wrote the snow Queen and disney took that tale as inspiration!!

  • alex | March 10, 2014 4:31 PM

    Blacks didint make it to north west Europe in any numbers until the sixteenth century and then only as slaves. Even then most were transported to the new world as labour. Because of this blacks would never have been able to make any kind of independent living until very recently because they were not thought of as humans, just beast of burden and property. Think how many blacks were in Europe 50 years ago (very few) and that's after 500 years of Europeans buying and selling them, so in the 1300 hundreds seeing a black man in Norway would be as likely as seeing a Martian today.

  • whiteisright | March 8, 2014 7:46 AMReply

    I LOVE the white princesses. it is as it should be. stop trying to black everything up. I would have NEVER watched it if the movid featured blakoids. Still have never seen that Katrina version of the disney Princess. Also blackoids don't spend money on their kids so how can Disney make a profit on black girls. they cant so they dont make the leads black. good for you disney.

  • team princess | March 25, 2014 1:01 AM

    Ok first off tthats realy offensive becausee im black , 1 black people do spend money onn their lids but all thhatt you seee from tv aand media is all what you said 2 disneyy did make prrofit off of a balck prrincess the reasone behind tiana

  • sdfsadf | March 21, 2014 12:40 PM

    Okay white is right, that's obviously either
    a) a troll comment
    b) a racist comment

    I shall assume it is a) a troll comment.
    @ Kill Yourself: This guy is right in arguing that Elsa should be white (see the 100+ other reasons and posts that argue for historical perspective, the being of white allows her to fit in, etc. for REAL reasons) and STATISTICALLY right in saying that Disney's revenue mostly comes from white kids, but wrong in making those LOL troll racist comments.

    But to be honest, white Elsa is right. Black Elsa IS WHAT IS RACIST.
    I'll repeat that again.
    BLACK ELSA is an act of racism, not Disney's white Elsa.
    Because think about it this way: Pocahontas was not white colored, but was colored as Native American. Back then, did whites/blonds recolor her? No.
    If they did, like how these haters recolored White Elsa as Black Elsa, if they recolored Pocahontas to be white because they didn't like her Native American descent, it would have DEFINITELY been condemned and called racist.
    This is the exact same thing.
    JUST LIKE Pocahontas was of Native American descent, Elsa lived in Norway during the 1800s- it's so obvious that all the citizens were white.
    Yet we have haters recoloring Elsa to their needs, as being BLACK, and then ironically calling White Elsa as being 'racist', whereas the sole ACT of recoloring her as Black is EVIDENTLY RACIST.

  • alex | March 10, 2014 4:51 PM

    Disney is a white company making a product for white Americans and Europeans. Do people think Indian or Chinese film makers would make there characters any race other than Indian and Chinese. Why should Whites be held to a higher standard than every one else. If blacks want to have films with black characters then they can start their own film companies and make black films for black people like the other races on the planet do (Instead of doing nothing but playing the race card so that white liberals will feel guilty enough to throw them a bone). Even some real historical white characters are being protrade on film by black actors now. What do you think would be said by blacks if the real historical character of Chaka Zulu was played in a movie by a white actor, (It would never happen) but whites can say nothing when there historical ancestors are played on film by blacks. Or history is changed in order to include some black actors in a historical film about white history.

  • Kill Yourself | March 9, 2014 7:01 PM

    Seriously. Just Shut Up.

  • I Just Liked the Movie | March 6, 2014 8:02 PMReply

    I thought the movie was good, and the songs were well written and performed.
    Can't we just enjoy the movie, people? I don't care what race people are, it does not define us. We are all descended from Adam. We are brothers and sisters, all of us. Can't we overcome this? But I know we can't, simply because it is human nature to cause strife and this temporary world is flawed. Life is too short to be caught up in something like this. I am going to get off my soap box now, but I hope just one person takes this to heart.


  • I'm Not Descended From Adam | March 10, 2014 4:06 AM

    Ummm... Maybe we aren't descended from Adam, maybe we are descended from monkeys, but anyway, I take your point. You are correct.

  • Chris | March 5, 2014 6:29 PMReply

    I am actually black and I watch a lot of Disney movies. Doesn't Frozen take place in Scandinavia some time in the past? Just for logic's sake, think about that people... You do know that people in that region are quite pale. However, it'd be nice to see more Disney stories take place outside of Europe or the USA.

  • TrueONe | March 21, 2014 12:42 PM

    YES! Finally, someone who doesn't blatantly cry "racist" at anything that's not their own race color.
    Thank you for being considerate and taking into account historical perspectives here.
    A Black Elsa would be like a Blond Pocahontas- just not right for the princess' ethnicity or race or time period at all.

  • Aspiryna | March 5, 2014 11:43 AMReply

    In the future white people go to be killed by black? :O

  • Karen | March 3, 2014 2:09 AMReply

    Well, she's the ice queen. She "should" be super pale.. She's got platinum blond/almost white hair too yknow.. The sister isn't as pale which makes sense.

    And this darker version of Elsa doesn't look right. (The hair, I mean. It shouldn't be as light because it creates too big of a contrast, either blue or grey hair might work if her skin was dark.

    They did have some non-Caucasian people in he movie, at least.

    I'm Hispanic and I see nothing wrong with the princesses being of whatever color they feel like. Green, white, orange, brown, lol doesn't matter to me at all. I would feel awkward if I had a kid who asked why they're white or whatever but.. I don't suppose that happens often :S

  • @ JENNI | April 17, 2014 7:16 PM

    Hispanic people aren't a "race." That's government talking (because they certainly aren't white in the US). Spanish-speakers are predominately mixed, and many have African mixture, whether as "throwbacks" or not.

  • ramen is good. | March 16, 2014 11:53 PM

    Okay so because she is the ice queen means she has to be white? I think the darker version of her looks beautiful. I respect your opinion but I just feel like Disney/Pixar should expand more on cultural diversity.

  • Jenni | March 5, 2014 5:57 AM

    Hispanic people are white.

  • k | February 28, 2014 8:34 PMReply

    Why are people getting so worked up about this just because a person is white does not mean they are from America. A lot of the princesses European. Disney has plenty of diversity in their movies and it makes no sense for Elsa to be African or any other race because she is Norwegin and it would be historically incorrect. Does anybody have a problem with that?

  • Ashley | February 28, 2014 1:54 AMReply

    A plea for more cultural diversity in Disney films? GREAT! Count me in.

    But this is one of the stupidest things I ever seen. Did the "angry Disney fans" in question even see the movie? It's set in NORWAY. Specifically, MEDIEVAL NORWAY. Native people of Scandinavian countries are predominantly fair-skinned, light-haired and pale-eyed. To design ELSA as a black woman is absurd.
    Were this a contemporary story set in modern day Europe, she could be any race. Were it a historical story set in a different country, it would be absolutely pertinent to design her according to said country's native people.

    I would love to see an African princess. Or an Aztec princess. Or an Australian aboriginal princess. But Elsa and Anna were perfectly designed in accord to the setting of their individual story.

    Stop manufacturing a controversy where there needn't be one.

  • There Are Brown Ball Room Dancers in Frozen | April 17, 2014 7:18 PM


    Frozen has brown-skinned people in it. I agree with you ultimately, but the "it's set in medieval norway where the natives were fair-skinned" when there are brown-skinned ball room dancers in the actual movie anyway puzzles me.

  • Scandinavian girl | February 27, 2014 12:43 AMReply

    This topic is very annoying! I'm a white Scandinavian girl and can you even immagine if I got all bent out of shape about a princess of another culture not being portrayed as a white Scandinavian? Stop this nonsense! It is appropriate for her to look the way she does because that's what we look like!!!!! This is just ignorance! Every time people do this, it fuels racism! Do you not see that? Please please please evolve!!! Your goal of trying to make me feel bad about having white skin and blond hair is not working! It's just skin and hair!!! So please shut up about this garbage!

  • Amusedone | March 21, 2014 12:46 PM

    Don't feel bad. You're fine with your hair and eye and skin color.
    It's just that these haters take no logical perspective at all whatsoever, and just rage about anything they don't deem suitable to their desires from Disney, and back it up under the sad excuse of the Racism Inequality Movement.

    Black Elsa is like Blond Pocahontas- it's just not right for the princess' race, ethnicity, culture, time period, and historical setting.
    Think about it, and you'll find that if white people recolored Pocahontas to be white skinned instead of Native American, it would have been outright condemned as racist, and haters would say that whites were asserting their "superior" race color.
    Yet, now haters are recoloring a 1800s Norway white Elsa as being black, and saying it's fine. It's not. It's a showing of blacks asserting their "superior" race color, which should be condemned just as much as a blond Pocahontas would be. But it's apparently ok for these haters to do so- and that's what's racist. The whole racial inequality movement is just BS- something of a sad excuse for these sad people to hide behind.

  • Moving to Antartica, Hope the penguins aren't racist | February 22, 2014 11:20 PMReply

    OK. Wait, Before I begin, I just need to go bang my head into the wall. Pinch myself a few times, just to make sure I'm not dreaming and the world isn't this stupid.

    Sigh. ERMAFERGINGERD. WHITE-WASHED??? SEVERITY OF THEIR RACE PROBLEM??? GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHFFFRRRGGGGGLLLLKLLLLLLL! Oh wait, was my screaming too white for you? Let me just pretend I'm black for a moment then, even though I'm probably the whitest person I know. I'm not being racist. Don't tell me I am. I will stab you with a knife.

    First off, There were officially 11 Dsiney Princesses before Anna and Elsa. (Btw, Elsa is a QUEEN) Then add in Kida, Megara, Eilowny, and Melody. Not to mention the Non-royalty, like Alice, and Jane. Now, Snow White is German. Cinderella is European with many versions. Aurora and Ariel are European. Belle, Rapunzel, Eilowny, Melody, Anna, and Elsa are EUROPEAN. ERYBODY ELSE BE FROM THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. (exception is Tiana) DEY BE HAVING DER OWN ETHNICITY YO. WHY YOU NO HAVE BRAINNESS?! BOUT TO MOVE TO ANTARCTICA AND BE A HERMIT CUZ OF YOU FOOLZ. Jeez. Understand now?

    Also. Rachel McGuffin is white, so why was she feeling hopeless? Shouldn't she have felt, you know, empowered? Cause, You know, Elsa is so awesome and white and has awesome powers and she's a woman, and she's out there being epic? Wait, that wouldn't be right? Because Disney is racist? But what about everybody getting excited because Tiana was black? That was totally justified? Because somebody's relative that they didn't even know was a slave? Oh. That makes total sense.

    I feel offended as a white person. My family is Scottish and Dutch, but I'm not allowed to enjoy Disney because they don't have enough Black people? Because I should be ashamed of my ancestors? I want to know if this is as big a problem in other countries. Do the non-whites get this easily offended in France or Greece? Because other countries had slaves too. Some of them weren't even black. Yeah, there were white slaves! Unbelievable right?

    How about instead of worrying about whether or not the latest animated princess movie set in Europe has a black lead or not, we worry about something like, I don't know, the rising debt of our nation, the lack of resources, the lack of FRIGGIN FOOD AND WATER for people in Africa. The people being kidnapped and used as sex slaves. The kids and teenagers committing suicide. The inefficiency of public education, as made apparent by this whole debacle.

    And I swear to Google, if something like this ever pops up about Disney beauty standards, I will go unicorn-charizard-Voldemort-infant-cup rampage mode on this Earth.

    There. Rant over. Gonna go sit in the sane parts of the Internet now and try to calm down.

  • Dr. Applebox | March 27, 2014 4:06 AM

    It's good to know there are still SOME rational people left in this world.

  • ramen is good | March 16, 2014 11:57 PM

    It is impossible to live in Antarctica. Unless you are a scientist. which I doubt you are.

  • Love | March 10, 2014 2:34 PM

    I love you.

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