Vagina Monologue writer and V-Day activist Eve Ensler will be making her directorial debut on The Other Side a film that will also focus on the epidemic of rape in the Congo.

In the film -- which Ensler is writing,-- Jane Fonda plays a psychiatrist. Here is the log line from Screen Daily:

After the death of her father, (she) realizes her whole life has been lived to fulfill his dreams, not hers. When she is asked to go to Congo to act as a trauma therapist for rape victims, she accepts the offer believing she’ll be able instrumental in helping the women. However, when she arrives, she is totally unprepared for the atrocities she witnesses and “all of her walls and constructs begin to cave in...

Kerry Washington also stars in the film as a journalist who follows the doctor to the Congo. They are working on financing now and hope to be filming within the year.

PTZ takes on Eve Ensler’s directorial debut starring Jane Fonda (Screen Daily)