While I am not usually that interested in boycentric blockbusters, I am very into seeing The Avengers.  I want to see how an open feminist man like Joss Whedon makes a big budget Hollywood film.  Will the women be more than window dressing?   Too bad The Avengers only has one female lead -- Scarlett Johansson -- and she wears a skin tight suit, but hey maybe she has some good lines and kicks ass like Whedon's Buffy.

I want to see if a man who put together a play and performed at a fundraiser for Equality Now right in the midst of the release of a huge movie will make a different kind of blockbuster.  I want to see and support a man who says that he thinks that The Hunger Games will make a difference in Hollywood and that it's about time we had strong female characters.

The buzz and early reviews on The Avengers has been extremely positive.  It is like the geek fest of all geek fests.  It's got all the action heroes like Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America among others in ONE movie. 

But let's be real.  No movies get all perfect and glowing reviews.  And when you write a review about a film that asks questions there is no reason why you should be demeaned, told you are stupid and blantly dismissed.  It is just a review -- your opinion -- about the movie.  It's not a treatise for Middle East peace.  It won't fix the economy.  It's a movie review. 

But some people take this stuff way to seriously and the reaction to a review by Amy Nicholson who works for Box Office Magazine has become an outlet for ridiculous misogyny.  She wrote a review of The Avengers and gave it three stars.  She had some issues with the film, but it is in no way a really bad review. 

Here are some of her thoughts:

The Avengers almost works. It's funny and it's physical, but even at two and a half hours, it plays like it's on fast-forward. Forget character developmentā€”there's not even character explanation. The lesser Avengers are most slighted.

The problem is that after controlling their own fiefdoms, these characters don't play well with others.

If such a thing can be said about a $220 million dollar blockbuster, The Avengers needs more ambition. Sure, it's fine for most films to host their battle royale in downtown Manhattan, but the superfriends deserve more.

But she's been attacked.  It seems that when you don't love the boy movies and you are girl you are fair game for misogyny -- and some of the misogyny is from women.  You become fair game, not your work.