Here are some of the comments (we do't know the gender of the commenters since they don't have to write their names.

These are from one person but in different comments:

Rotten Tomatoes Update: We're in at 32 fresh reviews versus your one pathetically pointless review, you soulless drone. Hope you end working at a McDonalds.

See internet, this is what happens when you give your PA the change to write reviews because it's cheaper than hiring a proper male writer.

And some more:

She asked her boyfriend what score she should give. Just stick to rom-coms, bitch.

No she liked Green Lantern because Ryan Reynolds, rom-com mainstay, was shirtless in that film. That's why she liked it. Numbskulls like you give REAL female journalists a bad name.

Bitch what the fuck is wrong with you, I knew there would be bad reviews from some people but not from spiteful assholes who bash shit for attention.

Personally, I find these comments very offensive and scary.  Why is their such vitriol for a review?  What is it about this film and other films like this that brings out the worst in folks?  Why are there only a couple of commenters who say it's ok to have differing opinions but no one stands up to say that the rhetoric is offensive.

The good news is that Amy is not deterred and scarily this seems to be common not only for female reviewers.  I'm guessing that guys don't get misogynistic comments but they seem to also get crap for having opinions - which is by the way what they are supposed to be doing.

Here's a comment from Amy on what has happened

When I realized what I'd stumbled into, I made myself vow I'd never read the comments for my own sanity. And, honestly, I didn't have to. I've seen this pile-on happen before to my critic friends -- male and female -- and it's always the same, though men get more death threats while women get more poetry like, "Whose $%#@ did you suck to get your job?" It's telling that among all the hatemail, I've only gotten one email that actually wanted to argue the substance of my review. Many more self-described comic book guys have taken the time to write and apologize on behalf of their fellow fans, which was a nice surprise. No worries, guys -- I still love nerds.

I think it would be great for the guys who are apologizing to Amy to get on the site and call their fellow commenters out on their crap.  This has got to stop.

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