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Girls Are More Than Just Princesses

by Kerensa Cadenas
July 10, 2013 1:00 PM
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As we've reported about before, images aimed at young girls in the media don't have much variety. As The Geena Davis Institute in Media has researched only 28.3% of speaking roles in family films are female and rarely are they in positions of power. Disney continues to reinforce a white princess ideal and even when that is somewhat subverted with Merida from Brave--they decided she needed a makeover.

These same types of rigid gender stereotypes have more than filtered into the types of toys marketed to girls.

GoldieBlox, an engineering toy for girls, has been told that they can't have shelf space next to the Barbies and Disney Princessses because that's not what little girls want. They've created a great campaign using social media to help girls locate GoldieBlox at their local toy stores to show that girls do want these kinds of toys. 

The campaign video below is one of the cutest and most empowering things you'll see all day.

h/t Kitty Kolbert

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