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Halle Berry Goes to Space: First Look at Extant

Women and Hollywood By Laura Berger | Women and Hollywood May 16, 2014 at 4:00PM

Berry comes home from a 13 month solo space mission...pregnant.
Halle Berry takes on aliens and robots in "Extant"
Halle Berry takes on aliens and robots in "Extant"

The trailer for Halle Berry's Extant is here, and it's mighty creepy. After a 13 month solo space mission, astronaut Molly Woods returns home... pregnant. Piecing together what happened on her trip is made complicated by memory loss and the absence of security footage, which Molly claims she deleted accidentally. Even without the terrifying prospect of an alien spawn growing inside of her, Molly has a lot to contend with. Her son isn't human, but rather some sort of artificial intelligence/ robot created by her husband. To make matters worse, her son seems to be predicting the extinction of the human race. There is a lot going on in this trailer. X-Files meets Gravity meets Rosemary's Baby

Camryn Manheim (The Practice) co-stars as Molly's best friend, and the series is executive produced by Steven Spielberg. 

Extant premieres Wednesday July 9th on CBS.

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