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Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Kerry Washington

by Kerensa Cadenas
October 26, 2012 10:08 AM
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Kerry Washington

This week, Kerry Washington, star of ABC's Scandal, wrote an op-ed piece for The Daily Beast about why she’s voting for Barack Obama. With the very high stakes for women in this election, more female celebrities have been recently speaking out.

After speaking at the Democratic National Convention in September, Washington continues the conversation by discussing the topics that are important to her as a woman in this election like reproductive rights, equal pay for equal work, affordable health care, and education.

Washington makes her case for voting for Barack Obama explicitly in terms of being a woman:

We, the people, especially us women, have to make sure our leaders know how we feel, what we think and what we care about. Together, we need to stand up for the kind of America we want—one where women and girls are equal, strong and proud, and where we all have a president who has our back.

In writing this op-ed, Washington is making the personal political and using the powerful position of celebrity to bring on positive change for women’s rights.

Kerry Washington, Star of ABC's 'Scandal,' On Why She's Voting for Barack Obama (The Daily Beast)

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