Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Nia Vardalos

by Melissa Silverstein
June 14, 2011 2:15 AM
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I had the opportunity to meet Nia Vardalos recently at an event in LA and she was so impressive. She has written a terrific piece about the horrible homophobic comments that 30 Rock Tracy Morgan star Tracy Morgan included in a recent stand-up act. I love 30 Rock, but this dude has no business including a rant like this in his act. No business. Tina Fey issued a statement, but it wasn't enough.

I'm glad that Nia used her visibility (and her blog on the Huffington Post) to take an important stand.

I don't know Tracy Morgan.

I don't work for NBC.

I'm not a lesbian.

Or a gay man.

So, it would seem there isn't a reason for me to give much thought to his damaging words.

Except, one.

Enough is enough.

I would like to apologize to our entire gay and lesbian community that this hate still exists. I'm sorry someone can stand on a stage, spew violent, hateful words and images, then issue an apology, be described as not-really-like-that by his employers and co-workers, and go back to work.

Sure, we got the statements. Right away, people who know him issued words explaining his behavior and saying he's actually not really like that.


So, that's it? We get a few statements from the people who work with him, and we all forget about it?

Not this time.

I want more. And, I respectfully request more. Much more.

When does the hate against our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, end?

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Nia's new film which she co-wrote with Tom Hanks Larry Crowne starring Hanks and Julia Roberts opens July 1.

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  • Allison | June 15, 2011 3:36 AMReply

    It's strange how the media have ignored Morgan's degrading comments about women:


    Why isn't he being held accountable for his sexist "jokes" as well?

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