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Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Romola Garai

by Melissa Silverstein
July 1, 2011 1:50 AM
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The 28-year-old busy actress (soon to be seen in One Day) is now appearing onstage in London at the Royal Court in The Village Bike by Penelope Skinner. In an interview with the London Evening Standard she talked about a variety of things including how gender politics has become "the binding theme of her work." (who says that?)

And she adds:

I think the situation for women got better and now it's got worse again. The Nineties was a real low...The 'ladette' thing was the real problem. People thought it was a stage of feminism but it was a reaction against it. It was a way in which women thought they could take all the advantages of feminism in their behaviour yet it was coy and complicit. There was nothing of any substance - they weren't asking to be respected.

And about working or not working in Hollywood which she did for Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

I find really inspiring, and not having to worry about whether I weigh 90 pounds or not.

Read this whole piece. It's quite refreshing and is wonderful to see a smart young woman not afraid to talk about feminism and the dilemmas that people with a feminist consciousness face in the entertainment business.

Love this young woman.

Romola Garai on sex and power games (The London Evening Standard)

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