Valérie Donzelli has made a heartbreaking film about the fight a couple goes through to save their son from a brain tumor.  They declare war on the cancer and with the support of their family their become singlemindely focused on saving him.  This story parallels the actual true life story of director, star and co-writer Donzelli.  She and her former partner Jérémie Elkaïm (who co-stars in the film and wrote the script with her) went through a lot of what Romeo and Juliette (yes, that's their names in the movie) go through in order to save their son. 

This is a story of fortitude, commitment with a whole lot of love thrown in.  Make sure to bring your tissues.  It opens today in NYC

Here's a short interview with Valérie Donzelli.  It's half in English and half in French.  The translator is Dominique Borel.