Leslie Mann
Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann is finally being given the chance to lead a movie. The talented and funny actress won't be "The Wife" or "The Friend" in Las Madres, a new comedy from Dreamworks -- she'll be the star. 

Las Madres centers around three female friends who start a bounty hunting operation. Cinema Blend writes that the story is "expected to touch on the idea of middle aged unemployment, while also providing an action comedy angle where the three leads go on an adventure." The focus on middle aged unemployment sounds especially interesting -- not a topic that movies focus on too often, but a common reality in our economic climate. 

The wonderful Octavia Spencer will join Mann. It'll be nice to see Spencer in a comedy; most audiences know her for more serious fare like The Help and Fruitvale Station. The third actress hasn't been named yet. 

The story comes from Lona Williams (who wrote Drop Dead Gorgeous, a satire on beauty pageants starring Kirsten Dunst). Pam Brady (who has previously wrote for South Park and Just Shoot Me!) is doing rewrites. 

The film doesn't have a director yet. Las Madres will clearly build on the success of The Other Woman, which Mann co-stars in. The Other Woman has grossed over $128 million dollars worldwide and it's still going very strong at the box office. Hopefully, Los Madres will give audiences -- and Mann -- a better story about women, and about women over 40.