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Lynne Ramsay Responds to Jane Got a Gun Lawsuit

by Melissa Silverstein
November 11, 2013 10:15 AM
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Lynne Ramsay 2

Lynne Ramsay issued a short statement this weekend in response to the lawsuit filed last week by the producers of Jane Got a Gun.

Here's the short statement:

Lynne Ramsay has not been served with this lawsuit and, when she is, she will respond in court and not in the media. That said, the allegations as recently reported are simply false. Lynne looks forward to presenting the truth about this situation in the proper forum.

It's important that we hear from Ramsay responding and refuting the allegations in the lawsuit. This whole story has been so one sided, and it is important to get the facts from both sides before making any judgements. This whole thing smacks of petty vindictive behavior. I hate when the bullies creative the narrative and everyone buys into it because there is no alternative narrative. Now we have an alternative: the allegations are false. 

But this lawsuit has already left a taint and even if it is completely baseless - which it might be - it will sadly leave a mark of Ms. Ramsay's name.

We will keep watching this story very carefully.

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