Marion Cotillard
Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard has signed on to star in French auteur Nicole Garcia's next film. 

Mal de Pierres, literally translated to "Evil Stones," will be a big-screen adaptation of Milena Agus novel of the same name. The post-World War II romance spans twenty years and follows an independent woman's search for love outside of her stifling marriage. 

"It's a passion project for both Nicole and us," said producer Alain Attal. "It's a very romantic and intense story about a woman whose quest for absolute love is the essence of life, her raison d'etre." 

Garcia is most recently the director of Charlie Says (2006), A View of Love (2010), and Going Away (2013). She received a Best Supporting Actress Cesar in 1980. She was also the jury president for the Camera d'Or at the most recent Cannes Film Festival.

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