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Mosquita y Mari - Written and Directed by Aurora Guerrero

by Melissa Silverstein
August 3, 2012 9:30 AM
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Mosquita y Mari is born from the memory of Aurora Guerrero's adolescence.  It is a lovely coming of age story of two Latina girls in the Huntington Park neighborhood in LA.  On the surface the girls seem similar, but in reality they are extremely different.  Yolanda (Mosquita) has doting parents pushing her towards college and Mari is illegal and needs to earn money to help her her mom who is struggling to keep the family afloat and in their home.

The two girls are drawn together and create their own little universe. Yolanda's school work suffers and of course her parents think that she ihas a boyfriend.  What they don't realize is that it is not a boy she is attracted to, it is her new friend Mari.  When things get too heated neither girl is ready for the emotions of a sexual relationship.  But they feel so strongly for each other.  The relationship shifts.  They drift apart.  The intensity of the fire burns out as it does for most first loves.  Yet you can tell that both girls are changed from the relationship and that they both are now different people from this experience.  It is played out beautifully by two young actresses Fenessa Pineda as Yolanda aka Mosquita and Venecia Troncoso as Mari.

The film opens Friday, August 3 at Cinema Village in NYC.

See interview with Aurora Guerrero.

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