Here's some good news for women filmmakers.

These two films both made their Kickstarter goals and My Reincarnation broke all crowd funding records on the site. Here's what director Jennifer Fox said in an email: "The film raised $150,000 in 90 days, making it the #1 highest raising completed film ever. It is also the #4 highest raising film at any stage of production and the #9 raising project in any category."
Mosquita y Mari is about two Latina girls which raised $86,000 and is on its way to getting made.

I am loving Kickstarter more and more each day. This is the future people. We fund the movies we want to see.

Here is the Mosquita y Mari video from Kickstarter as well as the thank you link on their facebook page.

My Reincarnation - Trailer from Zohe Films on Vimeo.