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It's the time of the year when the MPAA (the lobbying group from Hollywood) releases their annual stats.  Since Hollywood films are so skewed towards the young boys I always think the stats are going to come out and give me an understanding as to why women consistently are dismissed as an audience.  But the numbers just prove what we all know, that women do go to the movies  

Here are the stats:

  • 68% of people -- 225 million -- in the US went to at least one movie in 2012.  
  • The typical moviegoers goes 6 times per year.
  • 57% of all tickets are bought by frequent moviegoers which are people who go to the movies at least once a month.  
  • 13% of the population are frequent moviegoers.  
  • Growth was seen in 12-24 year old Hispanics and in people between 40 and 49.
  • Young people - those under 25 go to the movies more often.  But it's not like people over 25 don't go to the movies.  They do and the numbers of 25 to 39 year olds is actually up this year.

Now for gender.  Here's the deal.  WOMEN GO TO THE MOVIES.  THEY ACTUALLY GO MORE THAN MEN.  From the report:

The gender composition of moviegoers (people who went to a movie at the cinema at least once in the year) in 2012 skewed slightly more towards women than the overall population (and up 1 percentage point versus 2011), while tickets sold continued to be split evenly among both genders. 


Females have comprised a larger share of moviegoers (people who went to a movie at the cinema at least once in the year) than males during 2009-2012. The trend is relatively consistent, but in 2012 there was an increase of 1 percentage point in the share of females that attended the cinema (52%) relative to 2011. 

AGAIN, more women go to the movies and tickets purchased are evenly divided among men and women.  The thing to understand about these numbers is that they are just tickets purchased.  We have no idea what they were purchased for.

Stats to blow your mind:

  • 81% of all movies are seen at venues with more than 8 screens.
  • Nearly half of all moviegoers saw a 3-D movie.

And lastly, the thing to really understand about Hollywood is that the US (meaning North America) is becoming less and less important in the grand scheme of things.  69% of all box office dollars are earned overseas.  Worldwide box office makes up $34.7 billion and the US and Canada makes up just $10.6 billion.  China, Russia and Brazil are growing the most.  

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