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My First Forbes Piece: Gravity - A Step Forward for Women Onscreen

by Melissa Silverstein
October 7, 2013 10:30 AM
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I believe that it is important to talk about the issues related to women and Hollywood to as wide as audience as possible. That's the only way we will make progress. So, I am happy to report that I have just started as a weekly columnist at In general, the pieces that I will file at Forbes will be more focused on the business side of Hollywood.

I hope you enjoy the pieces and share them as much as possible.

Here's the piece:

People, including me, have written ad nauseam about how awful last summer was for women onscreen.  For the uninitiated (this is my first column here) certain points bear repeating.

There was only one movie - The Heat - that starred women that opened on over 3,000 screens during the entire summer of 2013.  The Heat currently sits at number 10 for the year at close to $160 million.  Interestingly, as Gravity hits screens this weekend, the two women who star in The Heat — Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock — and if the great buzz for Gravity turns into great box office, which I suspect will be the case, these two women will each have two films in the top 25 films of the year.  McCarthy was able to take the ludicrous The Identity Thief and make it a hit, and now Sandra Bullock has been shot into space in Gravity, the most complicated role of her career.

Gravity is important because it is a movie that will be a part of the Oscar conversation for the duration and that means we will be talking about a female astronaut who has to basically overcome every adversity you could imagine to survive.

Read the full piece here

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