Emily DiPrimio

At 13, Emily DiPrimio is well on her way to starting a career in the lady-sparse horror genre. She co-wrote and will co-direct, Carver, which just made its Kickstarter goal earlier this month. From its description on Kickstarter, Carver will be a throwback to 80s slasher flicks, following a group of teenagers who are harboring a terrible act--causing the deaths of several people--they committed on Halloween when they were younger. On the anniversary of those deaths, the group begins receiving thinly veiled threats in pumpkin form.

Women and Hollywood talked to Emily about Carver, making their Kickstarter goal and why she's so drawn to horror.

Women and Hollywood: What has inspired you to direct your film? Have you done so previously?

Emily DiPrimio: Carver is the first film I will be helping direct. I have worked on all of my dad's previous films and learned what it takes to run an organized, efficient set. Watching how everything comes together and inspiring a team of people to all work towards the same goal was what inspired me to direct Carver with my father.

WaH: What attracted you to horror specifically?

ED: What attracts me to horror is the overwhelming joy and adrenaline rush one feels when they get scared. It is the one true genre where you can elicit a genuine reaction if executed correctly.

WaH: You and your dad worked on the script for Carver, what was that process like?

ED: We are still working on the script. We are in our third re-write trying to construct the script to fit into the budget we managed to raise on Kickstarter. When we originally set out to write Carver we first discussed what we wanted to achieve with the story. Do we want to stick to the proven formula or do we want to create something that takes that formula and turns it upside down thus creating a memorable movie. Once we decided we wanted to turn convention on its ear, we started with the characters and their backstory. After we crafted all of our characters, we incorporated them into the story framework that we worked out.

WaH: You made your Kickstarter goal! Congratulations! What's the timeline for starting the filming process?

ED: Thank you! We worked really hard to reach our goal and now that we have--the fun begins. We are currently putting together our production team. From there we will move on to casting. After we cast the film and we have our crew together, we aim to begin filming May 2014.

WaH: What female directors inspire you?

ED: Without a doubt Mary Lambert. She directed Pet Cemetery which was the first horror film I watched from beginning to end. That is the film that began my love affair with horror. She created an incredible atmosphere of dread and sorrow. I can still remember curling up close to my dad, fearing what would happen next but at the same time the anticipation of what was going to happen was exhilarating. I knew, at that moment, that someday I wanted to make movies.

WaH: What are some of your favorite horror movies? Female Centric ones?

ED: The Descent is an amazing horror film that doesn't get enough credit. That movie made me very uncomfortable. I am claustrophobic and when those women get stuck in the tight spaces in that cave--I could barely watch. I know some people may disagree with me but Halloween is also one of my favorite films that happens to be female centric. Jamie Lee Curtis' portrayal of Laurie Strode set the bar for the "scream queen" and introduced the "final girl" concept.

WaH: Do you have any advice for other girls your age who are interested in directing?

ED: My advice is to go for it. You are your only limitation. No one can dictate to you what you want out of life. If making a movie is something you want to do, write a strong story first. That is the most important aspect of film. A good story shot poorly is still a good story. A bad story shot brilliantly is still garbage.

For more information about Carver, check out their Kickstarter and official site. Follow Emily on Twitter @emilyd228.