If there was any question whether Outlander's reputation as a female-centric historical bodice ripper would attract a lopsided audience, the answer is a resounding no. 

To quote Orange is the New Black's inimitable Taystee, Outlander is about a "lady [who] travels back in time to Scotland… hooks up with this big, sexy outlaw type, and they be gettin' it day in and day out. Yo, it's hot!"

When the small-screen adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's beloved novel series debuted this past Saturday, it drew nearly as many men as women: 45% male to 51% female, with the remaining 4% unknown. And the numbers looked good for the time-traveling saga: 2.3 million viewers watched on TV this weekend (720,000 for the premiere), and another 1.4 million viewers online/on demand. 

Those ratings make up the Starz's largest multi-platform audience ever. We'd give Outlander protagonist Claire (Caitriona Balfe) a high-five if, y'know, she weren't stuck wading in mud three centuries ago. 

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