I'm going to be moderating and participating on this panel sponsored by Pepsico in advance of the Athena Film Festival later this week.

Event Title: “How Social Media Can Be used to Help Build the Women's Audience for Films
Event Date: Tuesday, February 8 from 3-5pm ET
Event Location: People & Society Hub at Paley Center for Media
Event Description:

With the multiplexes focused on films that are targeted at young men it is quite a challenge to build an audience for a film that targets women. Social media is one growing area of focus that has helped studios, producers, distributors and marketing experts reach the female demographic which in actuality buys 55% of the tickets. This panel will discuss the unique challenges facing films that are targeted at women and how social media can help make a film a success.

Panelists will include:
· Melissa Silverstein, co-founder of the Athena Film Festival, founder of Women and Hollywood (panelist and moderator)
· Alex Dubin is VP, Digital Marketing at Mammoth Advertising
· Penelope Jagessar Chaffer, award winning documentary filmmaker, writer and children’s environmental health advocate
· Nekisa Cooper, producer, Pariah, which recently played at the Sundance Film Festival and was sold to Focus Features

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UPDATE: The panel will be streamed on the Social Media Week site here.