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Paul Feig Rumored to Direct Female-Led Ghostbusters Reboot

Women and Hollywood By Melissa Silverstein | Women and Hollywood August 4, 2014 at 2:30PM

Name your dream cast here.
Female "Ghostbusters" Fans
Female "Ghostbusters" Fans

Bridesmaids and The Heat director Paul Feig is reportedly in talks to helm Ghostbusters 3, currently planned as a female reboot of the franchise, which is much to the chagrin of Mike Fleming at Deadline who can't bear to see a favorite film of his undergo a gender reassignment. (PS: Mr. Fleming - I hope that you were trying to be tongue-in-cheek cute by outing yourself as a "film chauvinist" in the title of the post, but honestly, it's not funny, and quite frankly it is an unacceptable characterization for the lead film writer of a site like Deadline.)

The point we take away from this Ghostbusters news is that again, Hollywood lacks originality. But, on the other hand, at least women as leads are not frightening people anymore. Still, we'd like to see some original stories about women and not just retreads from the boys club.

Feig is at the top of Sony's list for the reboot. No other details, such as the screenwriters or the stars, are currently known.  His next film is the Memorial Day 2015 action comedy Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy. 

Name your dream cast for the Ghostbusters 3 below.

[via THR]

Update: Anita Busch at Deadline takes issue with Mike Fleming's piece

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