Aside from Foster who played Stewart's mom a decade ago in Panic Room, no one has really stood up for this young woman. 

And people -- people who were fan of hers -- are just piling on.  The Twlight fandom is full of vindictive and petty people.  It is shameful and they all need to get over themselves.   We live in such a woman hating culture that there are now t-shirts that say: "Kristen Stewart is a Trampire” and “We Hate Kristen” and “Kristen Stewart F***ing Sucks” and “F*** Kristen Stewart. 

It's my guess that the fans never really liked Kristen Stewart.  They liked the fabrication of the relationship of the two actors playing characters in the movie who happened to fall in love off screen.  They liked her when she was happy with Rob Pattinson even though they denied their relationship to the public (which helped add to the frenzy.)  Maybe if they would have just come out and said that they were together and then broke up things might have gone a bit easier on her.  But it is the fact that she cheated on Rob who has been deified here amid reports that he is no saint himself.

None of us know what went on in their relationship.  But now it is look like it is over.  The tabloids are stalking her even more and now I'm guessing they'd be ok with her not smiling in pictures.  Kristen Stewart does not deserve to be the Hollywood punching bag for the next four months until Twilight comes out.  She's earned money for a lot of people and she is just a kid.  I think the people fueling these stories should take a look in their own houses and their own daughters and sons and figure out how they would feel if their kid were constantly subjected to this mess. 

But most of their kids did not choose to be actors and maybe now Kristen Stewart is regretting making that career decision herself.  This whole thing makes me so sad.

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