Jennifer Weiner

So says Jennifer Weiner who is now on her book tour for her 10th book The Next Best Thing.  All of Weiner's previous nine novels have been incredibly popular and best sellers.  She's sold 11 million books in 36 countries.  But she's pissed because the NY Times doesn't rate her books (or book like hers) as high on their best selling list as other best selling lists do. (See her keynote from the Book Expo America which goes into depth on this issue.)

Of late she's been one of the most passionate voices for gender equity in literature.  She talks about how women who write about women and family issues get classified as writing "lighter books" AKA chick lit (a term she embraces) about things only women could possibly care about, but when men tackle the same topics they are about "the world" and are treated with more respect.

Same shit happens with movies.  Women who make movies about families are making chick flicks, and men who make movies about families are making masterpieces.  (ie The Descendants)

It's great that Jennifer Weiner keeps talking about this.  She can do it because she is a best selling writer. 

Here she is on the CBS Morning Show.

Jennifer Weiner: 'Best Thing' Would Be Equality (NPR)