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Quote of the Day: Sandra Adair on Hollywood's Slippery Career Ladder for Women

Women and Hollywood By Inkoo Kang | Women and Hollywood July 30, 2014 at 2:06PM

The editor of "Boyhood" shares her thoughts on working below the line while female in the film industry.
Sandra Adair
Sandra Adair

Variety published a long-ish article yesterday on the difficulties many female crewmembers face in the film industry, from blatant chauvinism and dismissive assumptions to the long hours and lower pay. The whole post is worth reading, but one quote from Boyhood editor Sandra Adair leaped out at us. 

Adair nails one of the requisites of being a woman in a male-dominated field: having to out-perform and out-do to be considered an equal. She said:

“Women have to work harder and speak louder to get noticed. It’s still a bit of a boy’s club, and it doesn’t feel as easy for a woman to climb the ladder as it is for a man.”

Read the entire piece at Variety.

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