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Rebel Wilson to Star in Remake of Private Benjamin

Women and Hollywood By Laura Berger | Women and Hollywood May 9, 2014 at 11:08AM

Originally developed as a starring vehicle for Anna Faris, New Line's Update of Private Benjamin will feature Wilson. Goldie Hawn's portrayal in the original earned her an Oscar nomination, and the film was a huge commercial success.

Rebel Wilson has been cast as the lead in New Line's remake of the 1980 classic "Private Benjamin." She will portray a "redneck" who enlists in the Marines as a means of escaping a bad situation. 

Goldie Hawn starred in the original "Private Benjamin," playing a high-society heiress who joins the U.S. army after her wedding night goes horribly awry when her new husband dies mid-coitus.  The film earned nearly 70 million dollars at the domestic box office -- no small feat in 1980, especially on an estimated ten million dollar budget. The film was also a critical success; Hawn's performance was much-lauded and led to a number of award nominations including an Oscar. 

A reboot first went into development in 2010 as a vehicle for Anna Faris. Faris is no longer attached, but Wilson is not replacing her. Wilson is playing a role that is being described as an "all-new" character. Joining Wilson will be a spoiled and privileged type of character -- seemingly akin to Hawn's Judy Benjamin. Casting for that role has yet to be revealed. 

The project doesn't have a writer or director inked in. While Amy Talkington was slated to write the script back in 2010, her name hasn't been mentioned or linked with this new Wilson reboot. Nancy Meyers was one of three screenwriters for the original "Private Benjamin." Hopefully this female-centric cast will get a female writer and director. 

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