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Ridiculous Comment of the Day: "It's Harder to Animate Female Characters"

by Kerensa Cadenas
October 9, 2013 1:00 PM
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Earlier this week, ran an article about the 50 Things You May Not Know About Frozen, the upcoming Jennifer Lee co-directed Disney animated feature based on The Snow Queen.

The article contains fun facts about the characters, the background of the film and the animation process. It also holds one of the most insipid comments in recent memory.

Lino DiSalvo, head of animation for Frozen, claims that it's harder to animate female characters due to the range of emotions they go through.

Historically speaking, animating female characters are really, really difficult, 'cause they have to go through these range of emotions, but they're very, very -- you have to keep them pretty and they're very sensitive to -- you can get them off a model very quickly. So, having a film with two hero female characters was really tough, and having them both in the scene and look very different if they're echoing the same expression; that Elsa looking angry looks different from Anna (Kristen Bell) being angry.

So, what DiSalvo's trying to say here is that female characters are harder to animate because they need to be "pretty," they are "sensitive" and that they have too many feelings? Of course, two women couldn't have entirely different expressions to show their anger. DiSalvo hasn't clarified his statement but right now it just reads as a ridiculously sexist piece of garbage. 

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  • Kathy | October 12, 2013 2:15 AMReply

    DiSalvo is a misogynist.

  • Amy | October 10, 2013 11:47 PMReply

    So even when they're angry or upset, women are just supposed to look "pretty"? And I fail to see how animating emotions for female characters would be any harder than for male characters. Ughhh.

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