Shonda Rhimes

If it wasn't yet clear that Shonda Rhimes is totally a celebrity in her own right, here's one more sign: the Scandal creator has signed a book deal, a la Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling, that will detail her rise in TV and her evolution as a do-it-all mom. 

The memoir will "trace Rhimes' decision (prior to coming to Hollywood) to build a family and the challenges of being a single mother while striving for professional success. Publication is scheduled for 2015. [Simon and Schuster] describes the book as 'part memoir, part inspiration, part prescription,'" writes The Hollywood Reporter

Rhimes released a slightly tongue-in-cheek statement regarding the memoir, declaring, "I have made a lot of mistakes as a single mother, and as a working mother, and as a sleepless mother, and as a dating mother. And I did all of it while running a bunch of TV shows. So I'm going to write about that and hope my kids don't use it against me in therapy later."