Foot in Mouth

Oscar producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan just keep on sticking their feet in their mouth.  As they collected an award for Smash at the GLAAD awards on Saturday night in NYC, they spoke out in defense of their Oscar host Seth MacFarlane.

I just want to note that they were accepting an award for a show that had fired the female creator who was the only female executive producer on that show, but hey, who cares about that?

When asked about the public response to Seth MacFarlane they actually said that people (like me and so many other women and men like Jamie Lee Curtis and Geena Davis ) who had the negative reaction to the now infamous "boob song" just didn't get it because it was satire.  Satire.  Right.  So basically what they meant was that feminists have no sense of humor.   Typical.

Here's their quote in defense of the show:

People have complained for years and years that the Oscars were becoming irrelevant. And I think what we did this year is to really make them part of the cultural conversation, and I think that's the important part that people will take away.

So to be a part of the cultural conversation means you need to demean women?  No, I think the important take away is that you both produced a show that was rife with misogyny.  You might think that is ok, but there are many others who don't.  

Oscar Producers Meron and Zadan Defend Seth MacFarlane, Boob Song: Complainers 'Missed the Joke' (Hollywood Reporter)