Stephen Colbert Asks Aaron Sorkin About the Ladies in The Social Network

by Melissa Silverstein
October 1, 2010 3:21 AM
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Guess I'm not the only one who noticed the fact that there are so few women in The Social Network. Stephen Colbert hit up Aaron Sorkin about the lack of women on his show last night.

Colbert: Can I ask you about the ladies?

Sorkin: Surely

Colbert: You got the opening scene which a lot of people have heard about, it's very crisp it's Zuckerberg and his girlfriend...

Sorkin: Right

Colbert: The one who broke his heart.

Sorkin: The girl who would start Facebook.

Colbert: Exactly. She's super smart and she definitely gets the best of him.

Sorkin: Right

Colbert: The other ladies in the movie don't have as much to say because they're high or drunk or bleeping guys in the bathroom. Why are there no other women of any substance in the movie?

Sorkin: That's a fair question. There is one other woman. Rashida Jones plays a young lawyer in the deposition scenes.

Colbert: I apologize - she's not doing anything in the bathroom.

Sorkin: She's a trustworthy character and she's a stand in for the audience. The other women are prizes basically that you um um um.

Colbert: Are women at Harvard like that? That's what I want to know.

Then they talk about how Sorkin didn't go to Harvard
Sorkin: The women in this story who are prizes it really doesn't speak to the entire female population at Harvard. This is just the people who are populating this story. But the movie does movie to Palo Alto when Facebook takes off there and they (the women) are just tech groupies there.

Wonder how the women at Harvard are feeling today being referred to as "prizes." Good thing it doesn't refer to all women at Harvard, just the ones that populate this story.

Check out the whole episode here.

h/t Sasha Stone

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