'Life Partners'
Magnolia Pictures 'Life Partners'

Director Susanna Fogel's Life Partners, about a couple of almost-thirty BFFs whose friendship becomes suddenly strained when one finds her new life partner, has found a distribution deal with Magnolia. 

In an interview with Women and Hollywood, Fogel described Life Partners as "a film about two codependent friends nearing 30 -- one lesbian, one straight girl -- whose bond is tested when the straight girl meets the (romantic) love of her life." 

She continued, "It's about the unofficial love triangle that forms by default when a friend enters a relationship, the way all our relationships have to be recalibrated as we grow up, and the heartbreak and humor that entails."

Life Partners co-stars Gabourey Sidibe and Adam Brody. Fogel and her writing partner Joni Lefkowitz co-penned the script. 

No word yet about a release date.

[h/t Variety]