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Susanne Bier Talks In A Better World

by Melissa Silverstein
February 24, 2011 2:11 AM
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I am finding it so interesting that Susanne Bier is getting some great press for her Oscar nomination. It makes me think that there is an appetite to hear from women directors especially ones who make substantive movies with action and moral dilemmas. She kind of follows the Kathryn Bigelow model -- a woman director who makes tough stories about men.

I know that she is the front runner but the film hasn't been released in the US (it will be April 1) and people outside the industry don't really know her. But she is good, very good. I've liked all her films. She made the version of Brothers that was watchable. The made the great After the Wedding. But when Hollywood called, she had a misfire with Things We Lost in the Fire. But this did not stop her at all and now she might be at the podium on Sunday.

She is a world class director who is already prepping her next gig. I am thrilled at all the press she has gotten and hopefully people here in the US will check out her films and that In a Better World will be a hit when it opens here in April.

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