If you haven't seen Jessica Chastain in a movie this year, you haven't been to the movies because she has been in five, some big and some small.  Most actors would be lucky to have one role that gets some notice, but this 30 year old woman has proved herself in all these films.  Her biggest problem this year is that she is competing with herself for an Oscar. 

Here are her films: The Tree of Life; The Help; The Debt; Take Shelter; Coriolanus.

Here's a little video focusing on her performance in The Tree of Life which has been created to help get her some love from the Academy.

I kind of think it's about time that she is the lead in a movie.  She's more than ready.  Anyone got a script for her?

Fox Searchlight Debuts New Jessica Chastain Campaign Featurette (Exclusive Video) (Hollywood Reporter)